How You Can Easily Program Yourself To Feel Better

One of the things I’ve recently done is gone back and read some of my positive self talk articles, both here and on Gosh, my own advice is pretty damn good! If you feel like things aren’t working out well for you, chances are, you’ve been feeding your mind some crap and you just need to start feeding it good thoughts and positive vibes. This video below will tell you how.

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5 thoughts on “How You Can Easily Program Yourself To Feel Better

  1. Jeremy, great video man. I have a question about it though. What if you can’t stop thinking about someone and your hurt inside all the time how do you make it stop?

    1. Hey there Jim. First, thank you for stopping by and sharing your thought. I’m assuming you mean that someone has shut you out of your life and your hurt because of it – it’s funny that you should ask that very question because I have had to work with a variation of that for myself. Here’s some things you can do every day for this:

      * Focus inwardly on improving yourself. You and yourself come first.
      * Recognize and embrace why you hurt. Perhaps this person is VERY important to you.
      * Each day, change you voice to yourself to be positive and optimistic. Chances are, when you stop hurting and become happy and confident, that you’ll be able to talk to this person again. And if that person continues to deflect you, you can move on happily.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Great advise Jeremy. It seems so simple what you have said I will give it a try. Thank you for replying so quick.

  3. Can you help me with panic disorder. I have had it for years.What can I say to myself when I begin to feel nausea coming on.

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