One of the most intense experiences I’ve ever had happened while I was driving home by myself today. Sometimes in life, there are pivotal moments or thoughts that happen. I believe we all go through things and fight our own battles. But what happened today gives me a great appreciation for people and the struggles they go through.

I drove home today and felt more emotion at once than I’ve ever been able to handle. As I drove away, I howled and roared as loudly as I could for quite a few minutes. And I’ve never had such an intense emotional experience. I think part of it is me realizing for the first time in my life that I have to get set with myself – anchored to what I am – strong and not dependent on anyone.

Part of me realizes that I’ve been dependent on other people to help make my life go. And it’s not to say that other people aren’t important. They are – we’re all in life together and are equally important. It is to say that I, for me, have to get to a place where I am not dependent on anyone for support, but simply value connection and love without the need to go get from it.

It’s like this forest right here getting burned down – I have to do a cleansing of myself. I have to get centered with myself. And it’s interesting because I’ve been writing on my website here for many years now and talking about ways to be a leader when in reality, it is me who needs the leadership the most.


I say this as we look at other people – value them and realize their struggles. And one of them may have had a moment today like I did – so intense that all you can do is cry and roar by yourself in the car. And it’s okay.

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