Learning to Laugh at Myself

I can go back and read many of my articles this year and they are all SO SERIOUS. I didn’t realize how serious I have become this year and recognize that a little humor goes a long way. It is to this end that I wish to laugh at myself and share some things I think are funny.

  • When I was in 3rd grade, my teacher embarrassed the heck out of me as I walked in the class and he was speaking to another girl and said, “Is that your boyfriend.” I turned so red. Note to adults, don’t do that to kids! :)
  • When I was in boy scouts as a youngster, I was playing a game called, “Capture the Flag.” I was at the enemy flag. I was so sure that I had it and was going to be able to sneak it back. Right as I grabbed the flag I said, “I have the flag.” One of the adult leaders than tapped me on the shoulder and said, “And I have you.” That meant I was in the enemy prison until I could be released. It was so funny because I was so sure of myself! Note to self, be confident, but not over-confident :)
  • In 9th grade in high school, my social studies teacher made my face turn really red. She called on me to answer a question and I didn’t know. She said, “Why’s your face turning so red Jeremy?” I thought it was so cruel of her back then, but I look back at it and laugh now.
  • When I was in 6th grade, I was playing football with the kids and running to catch a pass. In fact, as I was looking up, I ran smack into the goal post and don’t remember if I caught the ball or not. Funny thing is that I didn’t get hurt at all, but it must have been funny seeing me come to a complete stop after running so hard.
  • One time I was leaving work and getting ready to go on the freeway. I remembered I needed to go get something, so in that moment, I took the wrong turn onto the freeway against oncoming traffic, much to the chagrin of the other drivers who made their disdain known to me by honking like mad at me. I quickly u-turned out of there and back onto the road amidst a rapid heart beat :)
  • I ruptured my lowest disc in my spine by working out. My back was already tight from basketball, but I was so determined to touch my toes by stretching that I over-extended my back and ruptured my disc. I laugh at myself because there’s more moments where I try too hard, like the next one:
  • I got a kidney stone because I got on a workout craze back around 2010 doing P90X, playing basketball, and drinking protein shakes like mad. And I didn’t get enough water. And lo and behold, a kidney stone got me good. Thankfully, my twin brother was in the car with me when said stone came to light.
  • I pulled my left hamstring a week ago trying to do the 400 meters in under 60 seconds. I was actually doing really good, but the humorous thing was is that my hamstring was already a little sore, but I was stubborn! I should have been resting instead of running.
  • Even the serious stuff in life can be funny. That’s what I’ve learned today.

There’s more humorous things than this to laugh at myself about. But today, I’ve decided I need to laugh a little :)

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