When Life Knocks You Around

Sometimes life decides to knock you around a bit. Sometimes it decides to knock you around a lot! This can be because of something you have done or just that you are ‘in the path of the tornado’ so to speak. This article is for those who are getting knocked around and want some perspective, because life has decided to do it to me, I just want to share it with you.

I find that when life knocks me around with a difficult situation, particularly with people I care about, I feel a great deal of suffering for the first few weeks. Every moment is gut wrenching. I know for others it’s not so hard, but I find that I am someone who fully invests everything I am for those I truly care about. I don’t take this lightly. But the hard thing about that is maybe the situation isn’t right or there’s some other factor or both people don’t feel the ┬ásame way, whatever it may be.

That becomes my challenge then is removing my investment in that person/people. And for me, it’s a very difficult process. For anyone who wants to get to know me, I pride myself in giving all I have to another person out of love. It’s really something I happily do – the helping and nurturing of others to help them in life. It’s a bonus if that person is a close friend or more.

For you, you might be having a trial with someone you are close to, or the death of a loved one, or be contemplating a very big decision. If you are feeling like life is knocking you around a bit, it just means that you really care. For that I salute you. Not everyone seems to care as much – or show that they care. It’s the showing of caring that is the mark of a person who really cares, not just keeping things inside.

One of the ways I like to do the ‘dance’ or the ‘battle’ of getting knocked around, especially when it is REALLY hard is to think of it like the fight from Rocky 4. I love the Rocky movies and the fight at the end of Rocky 4 resonates with me, because Rocky gets beat down for a while. But then he’s able to land a few punches and start to fight back. I feel like I am starting to fight back. Which means I am getting to a position of strength in my life.

Watch the fight below, it’s pretty good :)

So get knocked around for a bit. Suffer in silence or with those who care about you. If people truly care about you, they will be there in your suffering for you – they will make time for you. And after a time, it will be your turn to start throwing punches and knock what it is hitting you right out and down for the count. Then you will have won that fight and chances are, there will be a new one waiting to meet your now stronger self :)

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