What Life Is

What Is Life? It’s what’s going on right now for each of us.

  • Life is going on all around us – whether we acknowledge it or not.
  • Life is getting up each day with the freedom to choose what to do each day.
  • Life is a shared experience with others. They face the same challenges and fears as you do.
  • Life is chaotic. Learn to live and let be even when it’s hard.
  • Life is sleeping in on a weekend when your body needs to rest.
  • Life is watching basketball games between Larry Bird and Magic Johnson from the 80’s.
  • Life is deep conversations with people who are willing to listen.
  • Life is observing and learning from those around us.
  • Life is in nature – and enjoying solitude with it.
  • Life is riding a bike on trails and enjoying the scenery – or on busy streets.
  • Life is shooting a three pointer in basketball and hearing the net go swish.
  • Life is sitting at the computer and writing.
  • Life is deeply caring about other people regardless of what they may think.
  • Life is about care and respect for those who are there for you in good times and bad.
  • Life is movement and exercise in whatever way makes you happy.
  • Life is meditation and being centered in the present moment.
  • Life is hard sometimes – it will bring you to tears and it won’t let up.
  • Life is easy sometimes – there will be moments of pure bliss.
  • Life is work – between ourselves and those around us and our careers.
  • Life is play – with so many opportunities to try new things.
  • Life is a dance that never stops moving.
  • Life is the horizon – you never know what to expect each day on the other side.
  • Life is cruel – but not cruel forever.
  • Life is fair – but not all the time.
  • Life is listening to the sounds of sweet music.
  • Life is realizing truth, even when that truth is not convenient or easy to tell others.
  • Life is what it is – embrace the good, the bad, and the worst of it.
  • Life is a good game of chess to test the mind.
  • Life is feeding the birds pieces of bread.
  • Life is running until you nearly puke your guts out.
  • Life is watching a movie that makes you laugh or makes you cry.
  • Life is understanding the good and bad with people.
  • Life is a gift each and every day.

I’m just a guy writing about life here. Life is many things. I know this – I appreciate the people who are around me and show they care whether things are good or bad. Jim Rohn said it best, “Your true friends are those who know everything about you and still like you.” What a great quote :) Tonight, I’m thankful to have another day to live and give life a go. I’m thankful for my health and those around me that show support and care. I’m thankful for life’s lessons and the chance to learn and grow each day. It’s funny, my daughter, Ellie, now incorporates that into her own mantra – help me to learn and grow.

Whoever you are reading this, I’m here living each day alongside you even if we are not together in person. It’s not always easy, but I know this – the true joys of life are being with people you care about and learning and growing and experiencing life in a shared state.


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