Listen and Do It

I wrote an article earlier in the year called “Listen to Other People.” In it, I described listening and picking up on the things people say. Going back to that, I realize that I haven’t done a great job of listening this year. I pride myself on empathy and the ability to pick up on the concerns of others. I think I do that well, but sometimes, I don’t do a good job of taking action on what I’ve listened to.

If Someone Is Talking To You

If someone is talking to you, that is a good thing. It means they’ve decided not to run away from you, but instead be involved in a conversation with you :). This means they are likely going to SAY certain things to you. Watch for patterns of things they say over and over. These are their biggest concerns.

I remember earlier in the year hearing a few key concerns from one of the people I care very much about in my life. When I first heard the concerns they had, I listened, but it didn’t register in my mind to actually take action on it. In that sense, I was selfish and thought only of myself.

So now I sit and realize that there’s the chance I’ve done irreparable harm by not listening. Due to my negligence of concerns and not acting on that, it is possible that I’ve lost someone that is important to me. However, I believe among reasonable people who respect each other that there’s always a chance to talk again in the future given time.

Listen and Let Go If Needed

Yesterday, I wrote about two choices in life and letting go. As you listen to others and their concerns, make sure to see if they need their space. Sometimes someone needs their space or distance from you. The reason letting go is a valuable path to follow is that it allows you to give that distance if needed without expecting it to ever come back.

It doesn’t mean that it won’t ever come back. It doesn’t mean that you should feel depressed all the time. But it does mean that if you’ve listened to someone and you can feel their tone and words saying they need distance, that you can then take action to honor it, even if it’s hard.

Doing It Is the Hard Part

What I’ve learned through listening is that listening isn’t terribly hard. It’s pretty easy to hear words and what someone is saying. The harder part is listening to what they REALLY MEAN and then DOING what they say.

I don’t think the listening to what someone really means and doing what they say can be done so long as there is an ego inside of us thinking we know better. I know earlier in the year, I thought I had all the answers to everything. I’ve learned that I don’t have all the answers I once thought I did, but am more of a humble student trying to learn and understand in my life.

So the next time someone is talking to you – listen to what they really mean. If you care about that person, give them the courtesy of finding out what they mean and hearing their concerns. Sometimes, a person just needs a little peace of mind or comfort in what they are saying. If you can take an action that provides that, you’ll be amazed at how much better situations get with others.

Live with strength, honor, truth, love, and courage my friends. Never give up on people you care about. It is the life-long friendships and bonds we form in life that make it worthwhile. I’m not giving up on it – but I am listening and acting on the concerns of those I care about :)

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3 thoughts on “Listen and Do It

  1. Beautiful reflection. Although listening may seem easy, the truth is, it is one of the hardest, and most important, things we need to do. Failure to listen, and take appropriate action, can have tragic results. Its a worthy battle to fight your impulse to be a passive listener.

    1. Thanks Wallet Doctor. I appreciate the sharing – being a passive listener has caused me issues in the past and I’m focusing very intently on being an active listener now :)

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