Ooze Optimism

When you feel like your life is in trouble, don’t just tie a not at the end of your rope, ooze optimism

When you feel your physical body in pain, feel the pain, then ooze optimism

When your job feels threatened, get to work on yourself and ooze optimism

When you feel loss, smile at it, and ooze optimism

When you’ve tried and failed many times, give thanks for the experience, and ooze optimism

When you see the price of your stocks go down, recognize it, and ooze optimism

It’s the optimistic view that creates a favorable reality. After all, everything we think is simply in our mind. I think back to last night where I was feeling ‘unsettled’. I recognized the feeling for what it was. And then I focused on what I want in my life. I closed my eyes and pictured everyone I care about – family and friends alike. I wished each of them well. I felt their pain and accepted it for what it is.

Then I imagined a future where that pain would one day go away for them. I imagined things working out well all right in the end. Then I took a deep breath and began to visualize what I need to do in my own life to create the reality I want. Optimism moves toward something good. Go that way while recognizing the bad of everything.

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