The Pedestal Effect

One of the interesting things in your life that you may have noticed is how nervous you get when you are about to talk to someone. I have been on both ends of this so far this year. I have sensed how nervous someone was as they started talking to me and I have felt myself get nervous before I talk to someone. It all has to do with the image in your mind of where you think they are related to you. This is called ‘The Pedestal Effect’



It happens when you look at someone as though they are on a pedestal – almost like they are a god compared to you. Think about people in your own life. At one time or another, did you have them on a pedestal where you were unable to speak to them without getting nervous? Did that situation change? If so, what caused the change?

I think we get nervous talking to people when we feel like they have some kind of power over us – that they have control over our fate somehow. If you find yourself in this situation, ask yourself what the power is that they have over you. I reckon that you’ve conjured up this power over you in your head. I bet if you really look at your life and experiences, you’ll realize that you actually have the upper hand in the situation. You are just trying to play out a situation in your mind that just has to work out a certain way and the reality is that you have more power than you think.

Your power comes from being a unique individual with a perspective on life that nobody else has. Nobody else has had every experience you have had. Nobody understands your frustrations. Nobody understands your fears. Nobody has the exact insights that you do. You’re special and unique because of this. Think about that the next time you put someone on a pedestal and get nervous just thinking about talking to them.

I remember earlier in the year and before, I had that kind of confidence. Life decided to knock it out of me for a couple months to teach me some lessons about myself. But the mojo is coming back. And what I realize for myself is that I am unique. I have extensive life experience and have hundreds upon hundreds of articles and insights about life. I have a pretty good idea about what this thing we are living called life is about and so I trust my insights now more than ever.

This is a good thing – and good for you if you can realize it. I’m no longer afraid to start up a conversation now. But it will be on my terms as it has been in the past.

That person can still be on a pedestal by the way, but you’ll be on one right next to them once you realize that you are unique and have your own special insights to offer. That is balance, and that is good. Wishing you the best, friend, or whoever you are reading this.

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