The Philosophy of Lord Eglathia

In the world of Eglathia (the game and book I’ve created so far), there is a character who goes by the name, ‘Lord Eglathia’. He is a traveler and overseer of many different worlds, of which Earth and Luber (from my book and game) are two. In a way, this character is my alter ego, doing the things I wish I could do here on earth, but at his core, his philosophy mirrors my own and I’d like to share the philosophy with you now.

People see the world through their own eyes and experiences

Lord Eglathia realizes that people see and experience life based on their past experience. He also knows that in order to convince someone, you must first understand what they believe and why they believe it at their very core. It is the understanding of each person’s unique perspective on life that drives a better understanding of people in general and it takes time – it means listening to others before you shove the way you think things should be in their face. People, in general, want to share their views and opinions, especially if they respect the person with whom they are sharing.

People need something to live for

Lord Eglathia understands that people need something to live for. Were life predictable and easy all the time, life would be hardly worth living and experiencing. It is the struggle combined with the pleasurable things in life that make it worthwhile. Lord Eglathia has seen a conflict between different worlds occur for hundreds of years and he realizes that keeping a balance of power in this struggle, while allowing it to continue, is key to the continued growth of the society in Luber and the connecting worlds.

Life is messy

Lord Eglathia understands that life is messy. It is unpredictable. People will do things out of their character at times. Because of this, Lord Eglathia does not hold any expectations as to what life should be like for him or for others. He views himself as a participant, watching and interfering where he thinks it appropriate, but realizes that the ultimate fate of everyone is probably out of his control or in control of a much greater power than he. Yet he still understands that life is messy and offers assistance and guidance to others as a teacher where necessary, especially to those who are willing to take action and persevere with learning and trying.

Allowing others to learn and succeed is far greater than doing things for them

Lord Eglathia understands that he could do many things for others that they could not do at the present time. However, he believes that by allowing others to learn and grow, even if their choices or work is not how he would do it, creates a better future for society in general. Lord Eglathia views himself as a teacher for others, constantly sharing the knowledge he has gained over hundreds of years so that others may be able to live life on their own terms. Lord Eglathia understands that he must be patient with others while they learn the things he is already a master at.

Healthy debate and differences are important to a flourishing society

Lord Eglathia understands that a civilized and healthy debate among people with differences of opinion is a very good thing. He believes no one person has all the answers and that different perspectives and belief are healthy. It means more options for people to choose from. It means a greater chance of coming to a point of Wisdom, where a compromise among different beliefs happens. In the struggle of the planets connected to Luber, there are differing views of how the societies should be governed, ranging from a democratic rule to a Communist-like rule. Lord Eglathia is open-minded and entertains thoughts no matter how bizarre they may seem.

People should be allowed to explore life on their terms without judgment

Lord Eglathia believes that all people should be free to live life as they see fit, so long as they do not interfere or harm another living being. If a person decides something that does not fit in with Lord Eglathia’s belief structure, he seeks to understand it and the other person more. Lord Eglathia believes that less rules and restrictions on people is a good thing regardless of the religion, relationship, or social/political standing that person may have. Lord Eglathia believes that any person or group who puts restriction on others that don’t involve harming another is doing so for control and that group is serving their own selfish interests. Lord Eglathia exercises great vigor when confronting such organizations.

This is the philosophy of Lord Eglathia, my alter ego, who helps overseer the people of Earth, Luber, and the surrounding worlds. His philosophy is a mirror of my own and continues to evolve as time goes on. He understands that he is not perfect and continues to refine his beliefs and views as he learns more from others and his own life experience.

Eglathia the Book

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