What is a Soul Connection?

The term ‘soul connection’ is something I’ve picked up this year in my vocabulary and I’d use it to describe the feeling of feeling like I’ve known someone before and immediately get along with them – who does the same back. For me, this is something that I’ve not experienced much at all in my life, but for the time I have, I’d like to share what it means.

It means within the first few seconds of meeting someone you click. The conversation flows and ideas and feedback with each other are effortless. It’s something I accept when it happens because there’s not too many people where this experience happens. Therefore, I treasure it and accept it.

It is something I realize for me is a special connection and that the connection is a valuable thing for me to recognize and accept. It’s not something that can easily just be discarded, such that it transcends my own thoughts and emotion and ability to categorize it or try to lessen it. I think with age and experience the ability to see this comes easier and more naturally.

I don’t know if a soul connection is actually someone you knew before in another life. It could be. Or it could be that it means you get along really well with someone and can talk easily. I don’t think I’m qualified to answer it at this level.

I read an article about soul connections to try and get more perspective. The author talks about how they are eternal and easily recognized and that the passage of time has no effect on them. I think it’s something that for me is a rare experience, so it helps for me to write about it.

I think the hardest part is realizing that a connection is apart from you or has to be modified and accepting that in my own life. And if you find in your life such a connection, don’t reject it or take it lightly. Because it’s such a rich experience, accept it for what is is and make the best/most of it. Because life is crazy and chaotic. And a good friend at the level of a soul connection is a rare find – embrace and accept it.

I also wonder if soul connection’s can be formed with existing people in your life – through experience and talking, can people you know now that you didn’t feel like you knew before become that? I think that’s a good question. Shared experience and trials in life might be able to cause that. I’m not sure, but I’m thankful for discovering the soul connection in my life and just accepting it and being at peace with it.

You may have had people in your life who you connected with and perhaps life got in the way and you no longer see that person. I think life is much richer when shared with other people you care about and you can be completely open and honest with. Treasure those connections, for they make life easier to live through and create happy and memorable experiences.

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  1. Best description I have read yet. I had an intens situation that happened to me in 2013. However, I met my boss for the first time and felt an intense soul connection. My boss hired me on the phone for my job. At times I feel he is my twin and not the other man. Both were interesting.

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