Taking the Kids Outside For Some Basketball

One of the things I’ve worked on this summer is taking my kids outside to play, have fun, and run around. Yesterday, I went with them to Ellie’s elementary school to play outside and I shot some baskets. I love playing basketball and even getting outside to just shoot around is very soothing for me. I had my daughter Ellie film, so the quality may be a bit rocky.

If you’ve got children, taking them outside to play seems to be very therapeutic and good for them (and me, the adult). I love the game of basketball so much and I have a right shoulder injury that seems to be close to being healed enough to go play again. Once that and my hamstring are good, I think I’ll be back to playing, which I can’t wait for!

Here’s the video Ellie took and I just shot a few shots. It’s kind of cute to see her mind work while she films and the silly things she does. Sienna makes a little appearance as well.

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