Understanding My Political/Life Views

For quite some time, I’ve been pretty ambivalent about my political/life views for society and people in general. I often wonder – am I drawn toward a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or  Socialist mindset? This year, I’m finally seeing the necessity for having a very solid and grounded foundation here. And I mean I’m really working through this with more energy and passion than I’ve ever had in the past for it. A grounded foundation for what I believe here is forming. Let me list what I think each of these views entails and where I think I fall:

Republican and Democrat source: Diffen.com


Believes a central government should be small, taxes should be low, military spending should be whatever it takes to keep us safe, and in individual rights and freedoms.


Believe a central government should be around to help with society, taxes should be higher – especially on the wealthy, military spending should be lower (but still there), and believe in social and community responsibility.

Socialist (source: my own quick thoughts)

I think socialism is simply a democratic view on steroids. Most things are shared and equalized, but not to the point of communism.

Libertarian (source: theihs.org)

People should be free to run their lives as they wish, so long as they respect the lives of others. It means taking responsibility for personal actions. It means central authorities should not get in the way of this.

My beliefs

So what do I believe? I believe much already, but let me share what I believe now. I believe each of us in life should have the right and freedom to explore life and our own happiness and potential. I think that there needs to be ‘some’ sort of check and balance against this as what makes someone happy or is them creating a business could be exploiting another, but that system shouldn’t be bloated.

If someone breaks the law and it is very clear they did so, they should receive punishment. Or else we’d have a very lawless society that thinks they could get away with anything. I understand that part isn’t easy. Sometimes there is blurred lines. But I believe there has to be a system in place that is upheld.

People should be responsible for their actions and some amount of law to stop people from forgoing personal responsibility is important. If someone gets married and is the primary care taker of the home and the other is the home care taker and takes care of the kids, then if a split occurs, the primary care taker still has a personal responsibility for the action of getting married in the first place and to the children and spouse because the other partner spent their time taking care of the home and kids.

If I decide to live dangerously and do jumps on my bike like Evel Knievel, then my responsibility is to deal with whatever injury might occur and not try to blame anyone else but myself for taking that risk. I believe that whatever risks each of us takes are our own responsibility to deal with whatever consequences occur. Certainly people can help each other and that is a good thing. But the ultimate responsibility comes from within. Helping others should come from a desire to do so from other people, not from a mandated law.

I can see the counter argument to this though. Are people just to selfish to help others and that’s why some laws are in place to ‘force’ people to do so? Perhaps. I do think we, as humans, have some progress to make and consciousness shifts to happen within us where the health and well being of each other becomes more important than it already is. We’re all in this together.

People should be free to explore whatever religion suits their fancy. Whether it’s a flying spaghetti monster, a typical Christian God, or some kind of alien. People should have the right to explore those beliefs without hindrance, so long as they aren’t hurting others.

I believe that life and shit do happen to people. Sometimes you really are in the path of something nasty and there’s nothing you did wrong or could have done to prevent it. I think two-fold about this. First, for someone who has done their best, their should be some kind of safety net to tap into to help recovery. And second, the person who got waylay-ed should do everything in their power to recover from the situation first. In this, I believe in personal responsibility first, and then if that isn’t enough, help from outside.

What I’m saying here is that I primarily identify with the Libertarian party, but there are elements of the democratic party that make sense to me – such as having community and social involvement where everyone helps out each other – but to a lesser extent than what the core democratic party believes.

The reason I identify with the Libertarian party is because of my own beliefs and my experiences this year in watching various people in my life, including myself. As I go through some challenges and talk about money and supporting myself and others how they support themselves, I realize that taking personal responsibility and action for yourself is king to anything else for me. Because without it, you can easily just become a victim of life.

Finally, I’d like to share another rocky video that resonated a lot with me! It’s from Rocky 6 and I’ve watched it many times in the past. But while I watched it last night, I cried a lot! Because everything in it resonates with me and what I need to do as a person and what I think others should do for themselves. Rocky, much older now, talks to his son about fighting the current boxing champion. Enjoy the video :)

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