What Goes Up Must Come Down

One of the things about life I’ve realized is that there is indeed not only seasons of weather, but times in life where things are blissful and times where things are anything but blissful. Life has this uncanny ability to take you at your highest bliss after you’ve been there a while and smash you down on the rocks for a healthy dose of reality. It then, paradoxically will buoy you up again after you’ve gone through your trials or hard times. I’ve learned to accept the changing seasons, the good and the bad.

Are you Up or Down Right Now?

The thing is for you, are you up or down right now? Maybe you’ve been down for a little while and you’ve just finished a really difficult few months in what has felt like a long sprint. I congratulate you for pulling through that – there’s a good chance there is some bliss awaiting you in your future.

Or perhaps things have been pretty good for you for a while. You’re going along and haven’t had any major problems for a while. If I was in that position, I’d get very prepared for something unexpected. Chances are, you are a target for life to audit you, similar to how the IRS audits us as taxpayers here in the United States. Life will throw some things at you that you might not thought possible.

The Broad Perspective

The broad perspective I have is that whatever season I am in – whether I am way high in bliss or down low in pain, I know that both are temporary. The key, I think, is in centering yourself in each moment and not looking at either one as better or more preferable to the other – it is both that are needed to have a full perspective on life.

I’ve faced some difficult challenges this year – and realized some truths that scare the hell out of me. Does this mean that the rest of my life is just going to be one big challenge? I don’t think so. I do think that life is going to give me some pain for the next little while as I work through what things mean to me.

The good news is that it won’t last forever. Time in life is such a fascinating thing. We can want something to be a certain way immediately – right here and now, but it doesn’t work that way. Often times, time is the great revealer of what things mean. It’s up to each of us to allow time to do its magic instead of being impatient.

And I raise my hand as being chief leader of impatience. The biggest lesson I am learning right now is that patience and acceptance are two things life is teaching me right now. These are lessons in life I need to learn right now because in the future, I will need to utilize these skills for some future event. And I don’t know what that event – or those events are…

Examine Your Life

Where are you headed in your life right now? Are you headed toward bliss? If so, enjoy that moment for however long it lasts. But prepare yourself, for life has a way of taking us for a ride after we’ve enjoyed (or persevered) through our seasons.

As always, I send my love, care, and support for whoever you are reading this. The truth is, that life is what you make of it – and knowing that there are seasons – and ups and downs – and that where you are is not going to be permanent, makes life a little more manageable, and that is a good thing :)

Best wishes to you whether you are up or down right now – but especially if you are down, it won’t last forever – especially if you approach it with truth, love, courage, and a care for yourself and others.

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