I Will Lead My Team

My boss at work will be leaving soon. The company has not decided what to do with his position, but I’ve already decided what I am going to do. I am going to lead the team. I will watch over everyone, help them in their jobs, and listen to their challenges and struggles as a colleague working together to have a great work environment and add value to the business.

There is no real other choice here. I am already a manager of the team here. I will fearlessly take over the responsibility of performance for the company I work for and set a new and high standard for what might happen to the performance of our website and systems here. I am thankful my manager who is leaving gave me good direction and was caring enough to help develop me. He didn’t have to do that. I’ll be forever grateful to him for his guidance.

And so I now move into an expanded role where there will be more responsibility and accountability. I am the general of our team – I am leading the charge so to speak. It reminds me of this song from the movie, Glory. It’s such a good movie that you should watch it if you have not. It’s about an African-American regiment of troops during the American Civil War. It is touching and informative all at the same time.

I will lead. For the life of the leader, there is little time to worry about yourself, but instead, focus on other people and what you can do for them. I’ll be a servant as a leader, assisting those around me. I’ll be kind and considerate of others. Most of all, I’ll give it my absolute best shot like I do anything and accept whatever the outcome is from the risk taken.

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