Your View of the World

The world is a very interesting place. As of 2011, there is close to 7 billion people living on it. That is… a lot. Not only that, we are all connected to each other much more closely and quickly than ever before. News captured anywhere in the world is relayed in seconds around the world to those connected to the Internet. The world was not like this even 15 years ago. At that time, this was just starting.

Your View of the World

15 years ago and beyond, to get news, you had to read the newspaper delivered to your door or watch the news on television. Nowadays, one can go to or and simply browse hundreds of news stories and see any immediate news that a website decides to post. For instance, today one can see that there was a shooting at a high school in California. 15 years ago, this incident may not have even reached the eyes and ears of everyone in the United States, let alone the world.

I think it’s easy to let a news story on a popular website influence our view of the world. We hear about a shooting or terrible tragedy and think the world must be like this everywhere. Our minds tend to associate reality with what we feed it. In this regard, I think news sites do more harm than good. Just read the comment stream on a popular news site. You’d think the world was chaos, rioting, and destruction everywhere. One might think the world is just going downhill with all the violence able to be seen from news online.

What kind of news are you drawn to the most? Is it tragedies? Is it new developments and research? This is a great clue to your view of the world and might be a good starting point to ask questions why you think that way and what areas of your life might improve if you changed what news you were first drawn to.

What Your World View Does

I submit that your view of the world plays a large part in what you decide to do with your time and money. Do you believe that the world is really coming to an end and that we’re all headed for trouble? Or do you recognize the bad things that have always been around, even before popular online news sites started publicizing it, but decide to focus on the good things that continue to occur?

I think our minds react to fear much more quickly than to good news. A shooting on a popular news site is likely to get more visits from Internet users than a story about the success of another person or group. I think our minds are like this by design at the moment since not too long ago, it was really a fight for survival. Go back a few hundred years and fear was a powerful motivator to stay alive. Go back further and fear was probably the deciding factor in humanity’s survival. The fear of death and doing things to thwart it.

Where the World Is Going

We’re now moving into an era where fear does not serve us as well – technology and improvements are slowly removing the need to think about our basic needs. I believe we’ll continue to hear immediate news coverage of any horrific event, such as a mass shooting. These types of things make me sad and I wish they did not occur. But the truth is they do – but they are not happening all the time and everywhere. They are isolated incidents. I declare that humanity, by and large, is decent and wants what is best for everyone. Most people aren’t out looking to hurt others.

The world is not going to hell. I believe it will continue to improve. Until I see less of a force for good and improvement than I see a force for evil, I have no reason to change this statement.

What do you think of the world today – is it doomed, or do you see the future as being very bright?

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4 thoughts on “Your View of the World

  1. It’s hard to remember not having the web to search for news and answers to pretty much anything. I try to unplug for at least a few hours every 2-3 days. Otherwise I’d easily be on the computer for 14 hours every day. Sometimes I feel like my computer is turning into my security blanket lol.

    1. Sydney, I hear you about the computer being the security blanket. My 5 year old has a stuffed kitty she takes to bed and I feel the same way about my computer. It’s my stuffed animal toy :)

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