Fear of Competition

A deterrent to complete and fulfilling action exists. It is the fear of competition. The fear that you will not be as good as someone else—or even the fear of doing better than another and feeling guilty. Fear of competition is understandable. I get nervous before every basketball game I play in. Competition can be intense if you let it—and from playing in many organized basketball games, I completely understand.

Watch at least the first THREE MINUTES – Thomas Hearns, Marvin Haggler, Boxer’s Competing in 1985

Competition in action

I am a fan of boxing. And not because I like to see people get pummeled. I am a fan because I see two people who have trained hard and now compete with their skills and training against each other. The fight above (from 1985) is from Thomas Hearns and Marvin Haggler, two legendary boxers. Just watch the video. They go at each other with everything they have. And one loses…

Competition is a wonderful thing. The biggest two competitors in my opinion are life and yourself. Sure, you can compete against someone and lose. John Wooden, the legendary basketball coach from UCLA said it best, “Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.” How true this is.

So you see, the only competition is yourself

I have a list of inspirational people on my website. The list of websites is great and constantly growing. I keep statistical information about each website in regards to Alexa ranking. That is how each website is performing according to Alexa. The lower the number, the better. This isn’t to pit people against each other. But it is to give people a gauge for themselves for improvement.

Can you imagine if you spent the next 5 years not learning or doing anything new? Let me put it in another way. Can you imagine building a sand castle by the beach and simply leaving it there, thinking nothing will ever happen to it. The tides change. Life evolves. How happy do you think you’d be if something you worked hard for, but then left alone, was destroyed because you never changed or adapted?

Relish the competition

Ask yourself if you are excited to have others in life to compete with. Ask yourself how you are doing and what you are learning from them. If you are afraid to compete with others and that is holding you back from action, ask yourself why. If you were the only person on earth doing anything and everyone else was drones programmed to follow you, how much innovation would take place? How much better would things get?

Competition is a good thing—for you and for other people. It creates drive and determination to improve. In the business world, it stirs people to constantly innovate to keep up with trends and competitors. I don’t believe that our world can evolve without competition. And that leads me to…

The real winners

The real winners are those who are constantly competing from within. They constantly improve. AND they find a way to involve others and increase the value as a whole. Look at those who are successful and what they are doing. They are not just promoting their self as an individual. They are, instead, finding a way to increase the value of individuals through their unique ideas and resources.

My Friends: Are you afraid of competing against others? Do you have any experiences with competition that have helped you grow?

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14 thoughts on “Fear of Competition

  1. Hi Amit – you have a good attitude there, you will just do more ideas if someone steals them. Fortunately I don’t think you will have to worry about people stealing ideas – most people aren’t that proactive ;)

    Question for you: What is your biggest challenge you face doing your website? Is it attracting visitors, finding content to write, etc…?

    Thanks for stopping by!
    .-= Jeremy Johnson´s last blog ..Fear of Competition =-.

  2. I LOVE competition. It gives me so much energy when someone stands in my way. I don’t know what it is, but I just have a desire to crush my opponents in sports thoroughly. I have the same fire in practically everything I do, be it work, writing, whatever.

    At some point though, we reach a stage of complacency. It’s important to relax for a big otherwise burnout sets in.

    Cheers, Sam
    .-= Financial Samurai´s last blog ..Book Review & Giveaway: The Other 8 Hours =-.

  3. Sounds like you have the competitive fire – it would be fun to see you playing tennis. But I agree, sometimes you have to step back, relax and not get burned out from the intensity of competition.

  4. Hey Jeremy.

    I’ve been playing Gaelic Football all my life nearly. (I’m from Ireland!). For a while it was my life, I lived slept ate and drank football! But ove ther last two years I’ve bagan to hate it. I despise going to training and matches are torture. I’ve lost many friends on the team and they can’t understand why I’m not playing anymore. I have developed a massive fear of competition I think. Everytime I’m pitted against someone else I know they’re better than me so I lose my confidence and don’t play as well. I’ve kind of taken a time out from playing but I know I should go back, I want to go back. I’ve tried nearly everything to get over this but I simply can’t….and I don’t want to give up. Help?


    1. Hi Kristy, I spent two years in Ireland from ’97 to ’99 and really enjoyed my time there.

      What do you think the difference is in when you enjoyed playing football and what is happening now where it’s not so fun?

      The first thing that will help you is to go back to the moment football was fun and really see what was different then. Was it friends? Was it you were playing more?

  5. Well right now I’m doing a school project and I’m trying to get the ones who don’t normally compete to compete and finding other ways of wording competition to where it doesn’t sound so competitive, got any suggestion’s Thanks Mike

    1. Hi Mike – for competition, I look at it as a growing and learning experience (among the other things I stated above). I look at it as a fun and interactive way to better myself. For instance, when I play basketball, I try to play against the best even if I get crushed. Because I want to learn from the best.

      When competition is viewed as a scary and confrontational thing, it is definitely hard to compete. When it is viewed as a fun, learning, and growing experience that will better you as a person, competing is a no-brainer.

      I’d put images in the minds of those scared to compete of what they will learn and get out of it – even if they lose the competition. They’ll grow, learn, and probably make some new friends.

  6. I am frightened of competition and at that minute i’ll think if there is no competition, there would be no development. But still, i’ll get frightened always later. How could i stop all the fear and other bad human activities?

  7. I really work hard enough really really hard… am not scared of failing cause I know its inevitable… what I am scared about is the fact that colleague of mine would would just come from no where and beat me out ……and other friends would laugh and make jest that I was really never Good…… and this keeps eating me

    1. @elh arh – Focus on what you can control and that is the thoughts you put inside your head and the effort you give. You may not be able to completely control runaway thoughts, but focus on what you can do – choose to be happy, and choose to give your best in any situation. Stay happy regardless of what other people say and watch your new energy create a new reality for you.

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