I Made A Difference

I received an email today from a young man in India. I want to share the email with you – it is actually a follow up email from the last article I wrote about making a connection. In that previous article, you can see the desperation and cry for help from a young man in India. Today, I believe in some small part that I’ve been able to offer that help.

I gave this young man instructions to engage in my positive self talk on DrJerm for 7 days and to then contact me again. It appears that this person took it to heart. Here is their new response (edited for clarity).

Oh my God. Jermi, I have improved my life so much. These words are like magic to me. I got top marks in my math exam. I still have issues with students, but my present condition is a lot better. Now the only thing I have to do is maintain this performance.

Seven days ago (which I wrote about in my previous article), this young man was in a very dark place. But he was willing to try something new and upon doing has begun to turn his life around. I don’t doubt that he will continue to face difficult struggles. My hope is that he is on the right path.

Today I feel like I made a difference, even if it is to just one :)

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