2 thoughts on “To Be A Leader, Learn The Details

  1. I believe that you can solve this Rubiks Cube Jeremy! Coming from a Rubiks Cube solver, I think it’s very profound that you brought this up. I agree that as leaders, it can’t just be said to follow the right algorhythms or turn it “this way or that way”… but we have to have specific, well thought out and planned instructions on how to get something solved. Whether at work, or in a meeting or etc… Glad to see you’re still going my friend!!! Keep up the Great work, Don’t Stop!!

    1. Jarrod, so good to see you – I admire that you’ve solved the Rubix Cube. There is some precision and focus needed to solve it, that much I can tell. I am breaking it down as best I can, but it will take some time. I hope to get there some day though :)

      Still trucking along. Will keep going as long as I am able :)

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