Become a Coder Already!

If you’re worried about having the money to live the life you want to live, just become a computer programmer already! Whether you’d like to do web development, or write applications for the Android or iPhone, there’s a plethora of jobs available to do programming and not nearly enough capable people qualified to fill them. This creates a shortage in supply and raises the salary paid to qualified programmers. In Utah, a fairly inexpensive place to live, at my day job, I’m at right about six figures counting my salary and all my health, dental, and other benefits.

Computer CodeIf you’re wondering where the next pay check is going to come from, or you’re sick of working for $10 an hour, you need simply search online and start teaching yourself how to develop software on the computer. Whether it is a website, desktop application, or mobile phone application, software engineering (coding) is a job in huge demand today and the payoff is worth the effort. It only takes time (like learning the piano) before you become a good coder.

Do It For Your Family

If you’re a mother or father and work doing something that’s just not paying you what you want, become a coder. There’s a great feeling knowing that I can fill any number of jobs as a computer programmer, web developer, or now even a mobile developer. The number of job listings and offers I get bombarded with are staggering. As a mother or father, if you’re not making enough money where you are now, get online and start coding!

Do It For Your Debt

You may have thousands of dollars in debt and plenty of stress to go with it. Never fear, you can learn to code and increase your value to the marketplace and get rid of that debt in no time flat. Work full time and freelance part time and just watch your debt melt away.

Do It For Him or Her

Guys, do it for the ladies. When you can finally pick up your date in your own car instead of having your mom or dad drive you around like Daniel Larusso in the Karate Kid, you know you have surely arrived. Pick a nice outfit to wear while you are at it.

Gals, do it to show the guys how smart you are. There’s not nearly enough women in programming. Get paid and impress all the guys with how smart you are. Plus, you’ll finally understand all the techy-babbling geek speak that they are spouting off.

Do It for the Car

Afford that nice car. With a job as a programmer, you’re well on your way to owning a nice car. Just don’t tell Sam from Financial Samurai if you spend more than 1/10th of your income on the car. It can be our little secret, ok?

Do It to Make Stuff

Build your own website or mobile app. Now that you know how to be a programmer, you can sit down and build anything you have an idea for. There’s no need to send emails back and forth and pull your hair out in frustration as you try and work with that developer overseas. Now you’re a do-it-yourselfer!

It’s the Top Job for 2012!

Don’t take my word for it, just look at CNBC who says that software engineering (the ability to create software through programming) is the #1 job of 2012. With an average pay of about $88,000 for qualified programmers, why on earth would you work slaving away at McDonald’s or doing that telemarketing job? Just learn to code and meet the demand where the money is.

So, are you going to get started or what? Do you think you have what it takes to code?

Where to Go to Learn

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13 thoughts on “Become a Coder Already!

  1. Good post, and I would agree that there’s definitely a lot of demand and room to grow in this field. I’d also add, do it because you love it. You may grow to love it more as you get better at it, and if you find a real passion in development then I think you can do pretty well overall.

  2. P.S. your salary ain’t too shabby! Salaries are lower where I live unless you’re quite senior or at a very large company, but that might be a Canadian thing or reflective of local market conditions. Might be more supply here.

    1. Kevin, thanks for the perspective about doing something because you love it. I actually wrestled with how/if I should include that in my article.

      Especially in Utah here, coding/software engineers are in huge demand and real estate is cheap. Moving here and doing software engineering is not a bad option for people who need a change/upgrade.

  3. Engineers are in high demand, especially out here in California. I was walking behind a group of coders at lunch today and was smiling to myself as I heard them talking to each other about debugging some things in their latest project. Great skills to have!

    1. Hi Sydney/Untemplater. Isn’t it cool when you can understand the geek speak?

      Software is so embedded in our world and I honestly think that demand is just going to be greater as time goes on and people come up with new ideas and technology gets more powerful.

  4. Becoming a software engineer takes many years (after 15 years I am still learning). “Becoming a coder” is not a quick fix or easy path :)

    1. I am definitely still learning as well in my craft. I think someone who really wants to hustle could learn web development in 6 months and software engineering in a couple years. But that would require dedication and hustling.

      It’s all about the time someone wants to put into it. And I watched a show recently on Netflix called “Jiro Dreams of Sushi.” An 85 year old man, Jiro, who has been making Sushi his whole life is still learning his craft, but people pay a pretty penny for his Sushi. Definitely a life-long process.

  5. Ahhh, if I was only smart enough to get some programming/coding skills, maybe I could rule the world! J/k.

    Coding skills is definitely something great to have. I just wonder when our kids grow up, whether it’ll all be outsourced again?

    What are the skills that last a lifetime? I say, Good Communication Skills!

    Your post is up on Untemplater!


    1. Sam, you are definitely smart enough, although you definitely have found a way to succeed independent of that skill :)

      You’re right about skills to last a lifetime, like communication. I also do think that technology skills, like coding, software, etc… are going to be increasingly useful as the world becomes more advanced.

      Thanks for helping me put the post on Untemplater.

      1. No problem Jeremy. Marketing is where the real BIG effort begins. It’s up to you to continue to get the word out and leverage relationships and other platforms. Don’t stop tweaking/improving your app!

        We can do a follow up post on FS later.

        Happy Thanksgiving!


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