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I spent the first 30 years of my life not really paying attention to money. I charged my credit card when I wanted something. I received a pay check from work. And that was it. Consequently, I didn’t have much money with this strategy either. In the past couple years, I’ve tried to make a concerted effort to better understand money, its importance, and what I could do to get more of it so I can tap into the marketplace with purchasing power if I see something I like.

I’m a Money Noob but Learning

My definition of a Money Noob: Someone who doesn’t understand money outside of a pay check from work and buying things with a credit card. I’m still pretty much in this category, though I’m making slow but sure steps to climb out of this way of dealing with money.

I’m still new to the concept of money as far as investing it, growing it, and using it to work for me go. I still earn 98% of my income from a day job pay check. But I’ve started talking with a good friend of mine, Sam, who is helping me. He writes over at Financial Samurai and he has a virtual encyclopedia of personalized articles on the subject of money (and other things).

Why Care About Money?

I think Kevin O’Leary from the TV show, Shark Tank (where hopeful entrepreneur’s pitch their business idea to a group of investors) said it best. “Money Controls Everything.” I don’t mean to say that in a dark sadistic way. What it does mean is that money controls the marketplace, what is available, and your personal access to tap into that marketplace with purchasing power.

I think of life as a fun journey on the one hand and a battle to survive on the other. With money, the battle to survive is that much easier. Hospital visits, medical care, good housing, clothing, and security can all be had with a greater amount of money. I don’t think it takes millions of dollars to reach this point either…

Caring about money gives you options. Like a soldier in the battlefield armed with an assortment of weapons and tools, money – and more specifically, a better understanding of money, gives you more options in the part of life where you are in a battle to survive. That means less stress, better medical care, housing, etc…

But I Don’t Have Any Money

Steve Pavlina, a personal development blogger said at a conference I attended, “Money flows through people.” I’ve also seen that getting to know people and become their friend is another opening for income potential. Just reaching out to people as a friend makes it that much more likely they’ll consider you if they need some work done and you have the skill.

Would you hire someone you didn’t know or a friend of yours? I think it’s so much easier to work with our friends than strangers. Consequently, if you don’t have much money, chances are you are not doing a good job of reaching out to people to network or you aren’t building up your skillset/resume to be qualified. Which leads me to my next point.

Money comes from skills that meet the demands of businesses and consumers. Businesses hire you if you have the skills they need and especially if you have the skills they need and know people at the company. Consumers (people that live in this world buying stuff) want food, clothing, entertainment, mobile applications, etc… and pay money for those things. If your skill set allows you to provide this and you reach out to people, I think your money problem may start to go away.

I’m Not An Expert on Money

I’m a Money Noob still. I don’t understand the stock market. I don’t completely understand interest rates, US Bonds, Treasury Notes, etc… I do understand income in and income out. I do know that having 98% of my income come from my day job is putting all my security in one money life line. And I’m not comfortable with that. So I’m working on building multiple income streams with mobile applications, websites, real estate and more, of which I will write future articles on.

I just wanted to share that I’m new at this, but learning. I have a five year goal to reach $3,000 a month in passive income through mobile applications and website work. Here’s to making the best attempt I possibly can at it.

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4 thoughts on “Money Noob

  1. I’m excited to work with you to achieve a $3,000/month alternative income goal in 5 years! That’s a big goal, but definitely doable with the right steps.

    Just remember that nothing good comes easy. Earning extra income is definitely not easy, otherwise everybody would be doing it! You’ve got to put in the effort, stay consistent, and invest your money as well.

    Everybody is a money noob at something. I’d love to increase my investment knowledge in derivatives for example. But, we all have strengths in other things, and our strengths are what we can focus on.

    Speak to you soon!


    1. I think $3000/month is a big goal and my main thing at the moment is to build up consistency (an hour a day at least) with working on my mobile app, working on an investment in real estate, and posting here on this website. Once I build that consistency, I’ll look to do more things. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. sorry but you misquoted kevin o’leary. exact quote from shark tank is “money always controls everything all of the time”.

    be careful, wouldn’t want you getting into trouble from misquoting people ;)

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