7 Of My Articles You May Never Have Heard Of

I’m starting to build up a nice collection of articles about a variety of topics from Green Tea to Marriage to sharing deep and personal thoughts. Here’s 7 that I think are worth a second look. Some of these are not my best work, however, I’m highlighting them for that very reason – I’m getting better at writing – at least I hope I am :)

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1. Breaking One Million In Alexa Ranking

Alexa is a ranking system for websites. The most popular in the world (Google right now) is number 1 and the rest are jockying for that position. For this article, it was the first time I ever had a website get under one million in Alexa.

What I’ve learned since then is it takes a tremendous amount of effort to keep a website ranked that well. You can’t count on Google to give you traffic. Forming relationships with actual humans who will return to your website again and again seems to be essential here.

2. The Garden Of Life Series (Part 1)

This was my (somewhat) humorous attempt to correlate life to a garden. At the time I did the videos I thought I had a unique idea – using a drawing screen to illustrate points in life and correlate it to a garden.

In the end, I think the videos lacked real quality and I still have work to do in the way I speak and present. But it was still a good learning experience.

3. How To Work Harder On Yourself Than On Your Job

Jim Rohn said his mentor told him to work harder on himself than on his job in order to achieve a fortune of wealth. This was a dissection of what I think it takes to work harder on yourself than on your job. It was the first time I realized that detailed and specific questions were one of the major keys to being more valuable in the marketplace.

4. Am I Qualified?

I posed the question to myself in this article: “Can I Make $832,000 a year?” The end result of this article was learning that I’ll need to find a way to affect a LARGE group of people to earn the kind of income I talked about here…

5. The Ant Philosophy

My most commented article – and it took me about 30 minutes to write. I wrote about “The Ant Philosophy” which Jim Rohn taught me. It is the philosophy that ants do all they possibly can with what they have and are never satisfied…

6. Being Completely Honest and Open

I share here some of my dirty little secrets. I heard a talk at TED of someone whose honesty impressed me. It inspired me to share some of my deep thoughts and things about me I am a little frightened to reveal.

7. A Death Bed Experience

When I saw my wife’s step-mon laying on a bed with life support, it struck something in me. I wrote about it in this article…

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