Fruits From The Gift

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You are gifted – a being of unlimited potential. There’s no denying you have ability. You are creative. There is much you can do. The ability to translate innate gifts and ability to fruits delivered to others is the link to fulfillment and abundance. Perhaps much of you gift lies dormant, waiting to be unleashed to the world.

It is ironic… You already know deep down what you want. But what you really want stays dormant and that keeps you safe and comfortable. You don’t have to take responsibility if you keep it suppressed. Your life can move along smoothly without the need to appease those deepest desires. Comfort is supreme. Following instructions and the direction of others gives you predictability and stability in your mind.

Round up 100 people and place them in a large room. If you want to be like everyone else, just watch what most people do. They will kind of look around, waiting for someone to instruct them in their next step. The purpose and drive to achieve independent of the instruction of others is missing for most. Therein lies your secret weapon. Therein lies the fruit tree within you, just waiting to produce magnificence.

It’s time to produce. You’ve known all along you are great. But the desire for comfort and relaxation cuts and dings your fruit tree. For all the times you’ve thought about producing and creating something worthwhile, but instead let past habits dictate your life. For these times, step up and acknowledge your gift. Become a master in crafting your gift for others to get value out of. If you want the fame, fortune, and abundance, then your gift must serve the needs of many. Your fruit must be distributed AND accepted by many.

But the secret is producing. Without the production of anything from your unique gifts, a desolate and unrealized tomb of ideas awaits you at the end. With your last breath, you will lay in wonder as you are wracked with torment in unrealized aid, guidance, and support for the brothers, sisters, friends, and humans left behind as your absence fills a space in the world.

So produce something, anything! Do it soon. See if other people accept it and like the taste of it. If your fruit is not accepted, find out why. Was it too bitter? Too sweet? Was it not the right kind of fruit. And then go to work on the refining of your fruit until people begin accepting it. Where a few accept it, many are likely to follow.

The world awaits your fruit. Will you take the effort to begin producing some for the world to sample? Will you refine your fruit when it is inevitably rejected?

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11 thoughts on “Fruits From The Gift

  1. Very motivating article. I hope to use your encouragement to continue developing my blog throughout this year even though it would be easier to just work and enjoy my family. Time to push myself and keep on going.
    .-= BibleDebt´s last blog ..Blog Buzz – Top 5 =-.

  2. Hello There BibleDebt! I’ve seen your blog and really like how it looks and what you are doing with it. I hear you about it just being easier to work and enjoy the family. I believe that constant progression is the key to real fulfillment and happiness.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. My recent realization was that too many of us are just following the herd. Myself including. I kept getting distracted with the latest trends and techniques or what my neighbors are up to. I decided to put an end to it by retreating to a cave. My greatest works are produced whenever I am on my own and not following a bunch of ideas that are not in my best interests.
    .-= Evelyn Lim´s last blog ..5 Lessons From How To Train Your Dragon =-.

  4. I enjoyed this post. When we share our gifts we are truly living the higest potential of ourselves. We must remember that the world has been waiting for our gifts. I know you are living yours Jeremy and sharing it to the world. I thhink my most important lesson I received from you today was, “So produce something, anything! Do it soon” I love this advice!!
    I love your blog! Keep up the good work Jeremy.
    Thank You ;)
    .-= Therese Miu´s last blog ..Heal the Planet, Heal Yourself =-.

    1. Hi Therese. You certainly have a gift for bringing positive energy and I appreciate you stopping by here and sharing that with me. Keep up your good work as well :)

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