Gifts But No Fruit

fruit basket
image by ikelee

Every one of us believes we are smart. Everyone should bow before us because we are so deserving of praise, reward, and attention. At work, we should get huge raises and have fresh fruit and gourmet cooked meals catered to us. We should be promoted and have our own office and from there command many to do our bidding.

We’re unique, we deserve more and more. After all, you’re working hard aren’t you? You’re special aren’t you? You’re unique. Anyone who gives you less than royalty is giving you the short end of the stick. What is your company thinking, hiring from the outside? People should flock to you and give you thousands of dollars just because you are so unique.

Your business should just take off. You should just be able to put your picture on a website and suddenly have a fan-base of thousands. They wait with baited breath to submit their credit card information to you in monthly payments for something. You should be a rock star. Your very thoughts should command shock and awe. You should have dozens of products selling in the hundreds each day that give you a residual income of epic proportions.

You should have hundreds of thousands of dollars coming in each month. Checks overflow your mailbox because people just love you and the products and services your provide. You shouldn’t be able to keep up with it all. Praise comes your way over and over as the world looks to you for guidance. So many people want to meet you and are inspired by your greatness. You’re talked about in every social circle that exists.

You’re gifted. You’re smart, funny, and have a host of tremendous ideas. In your mind, you have the world’s problems solved. You know every equation that needs to be solved to make a fortune. Why shouldn’t you just instantly be a success? You have such a great history behind you. You’ve experienced so much. What you have to say is so crucial and important. Just by reading your words, people see your gifts and ask how they can spend thousands of dollars for minutes of your time.

The very act of a status update from you spurs news channels to race for first coverage. When you walk outside, the clouds part away to reveal the sun. Cars move out of the way as you drive. The very rain creates a bubble so as not to soak you in the least bit. You command the respect of legions who wait eagerly for the next update from you. Your wealth and power are unmatched.

You website visitors should be streaming in. Your traffic graph is shooting up like a rocket. Every page of your website is read from start to finish without a skim. Your online store should be overflowing with eager customers. You shouldn’t be able to keep up. Your server is maxed to capacity because of your popularity. You have to turn people down often due to a fully booked schedule. Radio and TV jockey for position in order to have you on. You are so unique and special!

unique quote

And so everyone else is equally as uniquely gifted. What makes you any different? Why should we pay you for your services? Why should we buy anything you recommend? What makes you different than everyone else? What fruit have YOU produced that anyone should eat? What makes your fruit any different than anyone else’s?

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