My Thoughts on Father’s Day

I’m a dad of two girls, 7 and 4 right now. Today is “Father’s Day” as an official U.S. holiday, but I admit I don’t know how the holiday came into existence. From what I can tell, it came into existence because of Mother’s Day to try and make things more equal for parents. If you are having trouble sleeping right now, read THIS ARTICLE and it will fill you in.

Where do I start with sharing a few thoughts about this? Well, I’m a DAD! As I said, I have a 7 and 4 year old daughter and I don’t hide the fact I am a dad. I always thought I would have two kids and that would be about the end of it and it seems that little prophesy is true. What does being a dad mean to me? Probably something like this:

This is my daughter from a few years ago. She’s 7 now. Being a father means chasing my kids around, scaring them, telling them stories at night, and overall, herding them like cats (which herding cats isn’t easy by the way), and trying to be a good example and leader for them. I’m not terribly successful at it, but I do try :). Being a dad means I provide for them while they are young and incapable of providing for themselves and teaching them what I’ve learned so they can be more successful and better than me.

Being a dad isn’t easy or hard. It just is – like anything else, our attitude largely determines the experience. The days where my two daughters are hitting and scratching each other are certainly more trying than when they are playing calmly together, but that’s like anything else – there will always be good and bad experiences. Mostly, I just try and be as good a dad as I can be and if I can go to bed at night knowing I did the best I could with my situation as a dad, I feel pretty good.

I’m still a complete noob when it comes to being a dad. My girls are only 7 and 4 so don’t take me too seriously here as I say a few things. I just do the best I can and try to interject some stories and humor in the hopes that these two little girls have a decent shot at turning out OK in life. Isn’t that about the best we can do? Just give things a go, try our best, share some good times and humor and see what happens? I think it’s a good start!

I’ll close by sharing part of a story that I tell my two girls at night sometimes. It goes something like this:


Once upon a time there were 7 elves.

They lived in a giant tower in the forest.

One elf cooked really well. One elf was really fast.

One elf knew how to play basketball. One elf had a pet frog.

One elf knew how to do magic. One elf was really tall.

And the seventh elf had a very special power.

One night, after dinner, the seventh elf laid in bed.

All the elves were about to fall asleep when the seventh elf had one too many beans and went.


It was quite the stinker and all the elves woke up in laughter and then fell asleep.

They all lived happily ever after, THE END

What each elf can do is made up on the fly each time by me, but the kids get a kick out of the ending and laugh too. If nothing else in my life works out the way I want, I can take comfort in knowing I got my two little girls to laugh at this story I made up, HAHAHA! There you go, some thoughts of mine for Father’s Day.


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