What Should Be The Reason?

I’ve thought very carefully about my reasons for doing what I do. Is it for fame, money, or power? I have to admit that I’ve been very focused on the money aspect of my work. I feel in my heart that if I make a lot of money, I won’t have any problems and will be able to help people solve their problems.

The focus on money hasn’t been a real winner for me in regards to the websites I’ve done. Sure, I make about $50.00 a month with Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliate links, and other small revenue generating things. But to me, that number is microscopic – it’s not even a blip on the radar. I’ve been doing websites for over three years now, surely that number should be higher after all this time.

I’ve easily put guest posts on my site, some of them of low quality in hopes that by having my content base build up, that will somehow attract more visitors and revenue. That has not worked out so well. I check my Adsense earnings periodically hoping for the magical leap to where I’m getting 10’s of dollars a day at least.

Is this focus on money, fame, and power really going to take me where I want to go? I have to admit, I’m starting to realize that it is folly to use this as a basis for creating something. And I don’t do it solely for money, fame, and power. I really have a desire to help people. I want to make a large scale difference to the lives of many.

But I am starting to realize that the large scale difference doesn’t come when there is a focus on money. The focus on money and what that produces is kind of like the difference between a shallow and cold pool -vs- a warm and deep pool. If you’re looking for a good place to swim, chances are you wouldn’t want to go somewhere only a few inches deep that is cold. You want a deep pool that gives you complete freedom to swim and feel warm.

Sadly, what I’ve provided the last few years is mostly shallow. I’m afraid to say this out loud, but I believe it to be true. Most of what I’ve produced is just shallow. I write to write. I put ads here and there in hopes I’ll get more money. The focus is always on why I don’t have enough money from what I’m doing.

To Change The Reason

To remedy this, I have to change the reason I do what I do. Should money be important? Yes, but only after real value has been offered – the kind of value that makes what I offer like the deep warm pool and not the shallow cold pool. Because when I get to that level of value, people will want to take in what I am offering and it won’t be forced. After all, do you have to be forced to take a nice swim in a clean, warm pool?

If I can get to the point where I’m offering value that is not forced and see that people are really taking it in and responding with thanks, then I will know I’m on the right track. But right now I’m just not there. Like I said, I write to write. Really, one of my last articles was about how to go to bed on time. Is that really valuable? Is that really the message of my website?

Perhaps my primary reason should be to completely serve with everything I have to offer. Every word should be meant as a means to better someone or offer them comfort or laughter in some way that buoys them up. It’s time to stop putting out so much shallow stuff. But because I’ve put out so much shallow stuff, I don’t imagine it will be easy for me to put out truly valuable stuff – the kind that makes you want to jump in the warm pool and take a swim.

I Will Try

I pledge my dedication to now create from a perspective of serving with everything I have. Every website I create. Every article I write. It will be done for the sole purpose to serve. I will not accept a guest post or ad on this or any website I own unless I believe it will completely serve in an extraordinary way. This is what I will do. And by doing this, perhaps that will lead me to all that I desire and more.

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2 thoughts on “What Should Be The Reason?

  1. I find whenever I do things for money either I do not appreciate the journey or the result seems empty. When I have meaningful goals, the outcome is fulfilling in itself. The money follows anyway.

  2. Krant, I agree with that – I’m learning to focus on the journey and what I’m learning, and then how I can serve. This seems to increase the quality of what I do.

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