You Don’t Need Hours To Write A Good Blog Post

Passion… An eager desire… Daily diligence to learn and perfect your craft… To be the best at what you do… That’s it. Maybe a little luck on top wouldn’t hurt :)

Do I have it? Some days I have the eager desire and diligence. Some days I don’t. Some days I’m disciplined. Some days I sluff…

Am I the best at my craft? Well, what is my craft? Making websites? Writing? I’m not the best at anything I do. But what is “the best”?

The best is when I write what I’m sincerely passionate about. What is that? A better future for humanity? Making website? Writing stories? Showing that a strong marriage is possible?

Perhaps “the best” it is what I choose it to be. The scary choice is to commit fully 100% to a chosen passion and the day job be damned. That’s risky with a family and kids. But I only live once.

I’m not ready to do it yet… But it’s coming like a storm. I’m not unique in this thinking. Many have quit their jobs and been successful. But I’m not them and haven’t lived their life.

You don’t need hours to write a good blog post. You need a brief moment to commit to what you are passionate about. And that commitment needs to last for good.

I’m not the expert on commitment. I’m just saying everyone who I see that is making a success at what they do has that passion, eager desire, and daily commitment to their craft.

They’re just like you and me, except they are working while we’re sleeping, eating, and playing around. Now, how bad do you want it? How bad do I want it?

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2 thoughts on “You Don’t Need Hours To Write A Good Blog Post

  1. Successful people are always working because they love what they do. It is not even work for someone who loves what they do. That is part of finding your passion.

  2. Yes I agree with you, passion and commitment to your work makes you productive. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

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