Starting a New 15 Day Challenge – 400 Meters in Under 60 Seconds

I’m going to be starting a new 15 day challenge tomorrow. And it is to see if I can run the 400 meters (once around a high school track) in under 60 seconds. This is no small feat. I tried a week ago¬†and got 1 minute and 14 seconds (74 seconds). This means I’ll need to shave 14 seconds off my time in 15 days in order to meet this goal.

High School Track

I’ve done a lot of research online about what makes something like this possible. Because I am already physically active in running, I have an advantage. If I were sedentary, this goal would be very unreasonable. 4 times a week running – a combination of speed work and steady running are what will be needed to make this goal happen.

This weekend, I’ll be going to the track at a high school here and my goal will be to run in 68 seconds – 6 less than my best. This means this week, I’ll need to strengthen myself for Sunday by running regularly and exercising my muscles, particularly my legs. After Friday, I will take a break from working out and head to the track on Sunday.

The following week, I’ll do the same thing and shoot for a Sunday time of 62 seconds – down 6 again. I’ll make sure I eat the proper energy producing food, probably spaghetti or something a couple hours prior :) But I’ll have to research this more to see what is best.

My strategy for the run around the track is pretty simple:

  • Warm up a couple times very slowly around the track
  • Stretch thoroughly and get my mind focused
  • Have someone come with me who can time me – I don’t want to be holding anything
  • Just before I’m about to run, play my favorite tune: Alex Morph, Walk the Edge
  • Count from 3, 2, 1, and then:
  • Bust out the start at full sprinting speed
  • As I get to the first straightaway, find a coasting speed at about 75% sprinting
  • As I get to the final turn, I will feel pain. I must maintain 75% sprinting to reach this goal

Simply put, this goal is going to hurt and require my dedication to myself to make it happen. There’s one thing I’ve learned this year and that is I need to put in work on myself – for me, and for me alone. I’m a 36 year old guy right now. Some might say this is old. I say that I will Transcend and make this goal happen. Age is nothing. Under 60 seconds around the track is pretty darn good :)

So, how will I log this each day? Well, I will be running 4 times a week – both speed work and steady running and doing strength training. So I don’t need to write about that each day. I will write about how I do this coming Sunday, the following Sunday, and then finally, I’ll be doing a final run on Tuesday, May 13, 2014, at the local high school track to see how I do :) I imagine I will just head there after work, have someone bring a stop watch and a video camera, and watch the magic unfold :)

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