Poem – May I

So I’ve decided to do another 15 day challenge. And I’ve decided that I am going to write poems. It’s something I’ve never done before and I want to see how it goes. I am going to write a poem a day about something different or interesting, possibly even using riddles. I’m going to start by writing a poem right now about a situation very dear to me. You, the reader, will have to decipher what I am trying to say and if you know me, it will probably help. After each day, I will add another poem and then another :)

Poem # 1 – May I

May I have the strength to make things right

For myself and for those around me

May there be a chance to continue to bring light

To those I care about


May I have the wisdom to make the best choice

Even when I feel like doing otherwise

May I stand by solid principles always

For a solid and grounded life


May I detach myself from attachment and expectation

In order to see clearly the road ahead

May there be happiness and joy

For those good people in life


May I find peace in my life

May those I care about find the same

May I persevere with determination and grit

For a future forged from trial and learning


May I always be true to myself

And to those around me

May I stand true to solid principles

And give of my love and respect to you

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