Poem – The Dance

This is poem # 7 in my 15 day poem writing challenge. It’s called the dance. Life is a dance – to see where to go and what to do. It’s a dance with those around us and trying to keep the dance done in such a way that everyone is happy.


The dance of life is an interesting thing

It goes side to side and back and forth

Sometimes it is slow and sometimes it is fast

I wonder how long it will last?


Sometimes the dance can go too far

And need to be reeled in again

Sometimes the dance is too stagnant

And a boost is needed to energize it


The dance of life is an art form

There is no rule book only intuition

For conscious effort to understand

Will guide the dance with a wondrous hand


And when the dance becomes too much

Learn to step back and treat it as such

For the dance of life is unpredictable

And sometimes it will be unsuitable


But never stop learning the dance of life

For even though it has turmoil and strife

There are great joys and experiences

For those who never give up on the dance they want

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