Poem – Little Sea Ship Star

This poem is one I felt inspired to write tonight after watching “Message in a Bottle.” It’s a movie about a woman who finds the letters of a man to his deceased wife in a bottle that washes up on the shore and she goes out to try and find him. It’s a movie with a fair amount of sailing in it, which made the name Sea Ship Star come to mind. This is a poem I made up about a little sailing ship sailing along the ocean looking at the stars.


“Little Sea Ship Star”


Little Sea Ship Star with your sails so high

You sail away with your eyes in the sky

A star you see that catches your eye

With three others it makes you wonder why


You see the star and care so much

You’ve cared for it and it wasn’t a hunch

The star sparkled so very bright

At simply seeing your sails in sight


You blocked the star and fizzled its light

You won’t wreck it and its family’s flight

You want a star for you to call your own

And the star understands as you sail home


The star has scared you with its light

It’s caused your little ship quite a fright

The star is sorry as it seeks to relight

And try to live with your sail gone from sight


The star wishes for you, strong sails

As you remove all memory of the tall tale

May your sails be strong as you wonder above

Will the star ever shine again like a dove


Little Sea Ship Star with you sail so strong

Your ship has character far and beyond

Anything I’ve ever been able to do

Sail away along the wide ocean blue


The star cannot see your ship on the sea

It flickers and wonders if it has to be

The way things have happened in the night sky

Maybe one day it will be ready to fly

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