Poem – Love Them As They Are

This is poem # 10 in my 15 day poem writing challenge. Tonight, I am filled with a desire to love people as they are – at the very best and at their very worst. For in my life, I have had the love and care of others when I have been at my best and at my very worst. And now I am at a time where I am getting back to my very best, it’s important for me to show love to others regardless of how they feel or are in their life right now. Here is the poem :)


Each person in life is doing their best

To be the best that they can

Don’t take what someone says in jest

For the crap might be hitting the fan


Each person is a miraculous soul

Worthy of love and respect

Because life can take its toll

So give them the space to reflect


Those who want to know you

Will one day take time to come back

Let them live their life too

And go get yourself a snack


Sometimes people are at their best

And sometimes at their worst

It really just is a test

To see if you can be first


The first to show love and respect

Even when another cannot now

For it is in this particular dialect

That you will show them how


How to love another no matter what

Even when times are tough

Life can put you in a rut

Or can make you into golden stuff


And that is when you realize

That love of people conquers all

And it doesn’t matter the size

To pick up one when they fall

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