Poem – My Love For You

In keeping with living with courage, I want to share a poem about love, whether reciprocated or not.


I know how you’re feeling right about now

How scared and angry you feel and wonder how

Why do your thoughts always turn to this

It is the bond you see and it can’t be dismissed


My love for you makes me want to sing

Even if it means I’ll lose everything

My care for you shines like the starlight

And it is not something I’m able to fight


Your eyes are a window into heaven

Your gaze I miss from what was then

Your voice soothes all worries and care

Your presence is felt all the way over there


The bond is real and it is so strong

It’s like the meadowlark’s most potent song

I do not know if I’m lost in my head

To be away from you is like I’m dead


I feel the love so strong inside

It doesn’t matter how hard I’ve tried

It burns like a roaring cabin fire

And of the warmth I do not tire


I know where I stand in regards to this

It is not just some fairy tale wish

For time has no claim on this feeling

It has me rocking and ever reeling


You cannot push this connection away

It is everlasting and here to stay

It’s true love at its highest degree

Remove the fear and you will see


I do not know if you see what I write

For I grasp at straws longing for your sight

A normal parting would have died by now

But only stronger is the ships bow


No outward words can conceal

The feelings inside your heart which you feel

For they have been strong all the while

They cannot be hid no matter how far the mile


So jump up and down for joy

The love coming your way is not from a boy

But a man who feels like he can fly

From the connection beyond the sky


I cannot deny regardless of where I am

It’s the stuff of legends, it’s not a sham

And no matter what I decide to think

The love and bond never does shrink

—– Additional Thoughts —–

Thanks for reading this poem of mine. I spent many hours and hours over the course of a day writing the thoughts and feelings as they came to mind. I have given my very best at everything I’ve tried, particularly this year. I’ve learned that sometimes you can do your very best and you can still lose. Sometimes you try and hurt other people…

In basketball today, I played my guts out, but still lost most of the games :). But I take heart in knowing I give my best effort – even if that effort is not quite perfect. I’m not sure what else to write. I’ve poured out my heart and soul. It’s all I have. I continue to believe that there is something to all of this.

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4 thoughts on “Poem – My Love For You

  1. Very nice expressed. Hard to live with this presence every moment , going mental, trying to break free, but you know that deep down , there is no breaking free. it’s there to stay – nothing moved it, nothing deteriorated it, it’s pure. it’s a soul feeling home , that it longs for, when the other part was yanked away suddenly. Thank God – i understood – liberated myself – and accepted that it is and will alwasy be . Trying to get back to normal life.. I feel unbalanced. sometimes as i am not living in this world – like i am gone somewhere.. so i am not alone – and not crazy. thank you

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