Poem – Nature

┬áThis is day # 14 in my poem writing challenge. I decided to call this poem “Nature” as I’ve developed a strong love of the wild and nature since the year 2014.



Nature is raw and at its best

The water flows and is rarely at rest

The air is thick and filling within

The smell is grand and feels like sin


The world is crazy and in a rush

Nature’s call makes all that a bust

As you watch the trees and the birds

You forget all of the unkind words


A walk in the sun or on a hike

Makes the body move with a strike

The sky is clear and warm and bright

Nature’s horizon is such a sight


Whether it is the rocks or the birds

Or trees and water or the worms

In nature all life is alive

And that is where we should strive


Appreciate the world around us

It’s what we were given so hush

Meditate in the world of nature

It’s where things become more sure


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