Poem – Second Chances

So this is my second poem of my 15 day poem writing challenge. It’s called second chances. I think in life, especially with reasonable people, that there is an opportunity for a second chance. And what that second chance is is not always clear. But I think a second chance comes when core and value principles are followed by everyone involved and there is no emotional dependency on any outcomes. It is then that I believe the magic happens. Here is my poem, second chances.

Poem # 2 – Second Chances

Life is a one way journey

There is no going back

There’s a chance of making mistakes

And wondering if things can go back


Sometimes feelings change

And circumstances are no longer the same

There may be only a period of time

You are meant to be where you are


And the second chance comes

Only when there is alignment

For what is wanted by all involved

And it is love that must drive it all


The second chance does not come to the needy

Or the person who is not true to their own

It only comes for the individual

Who gets completely right with them self


And so you see, in life you will get surprised

The second chance may not be at all what you thought

For when it comes, you will be a different person

Than you were before and that is right


So focus on yourself first

Make yourself strong and fight

For when you get there

The second chance will appear in the light

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