Poem – The Sword Of Fire

This is poem # 4 in my 15 day poem writing challenge. It’s called “The Sword of Fire”. It talks about the forging of a sword and what the sword has to go through to become all that it can be.

The Sword of Fire

The sword of fire was not always so

It did not start with its fiery glow

For it was once simple steel

It did not know how to feel


The tempering began on the sword

It got bent and hammered

Over and over again

And only started to take shape


And then the sword started to form

It thought it was ready to be born

But it did not realize that it had more

To go through to make its true shape


And so the sword of fire was surprised

That its initial shape was just the sunrise

For the tempered steel was cooled and wrought

With agony and temperature extreme


And so the sword cried out for it to stop

But the forging continued even so

And the sword was wracked to and fro

It felt it was time for it to go


And just as it was ready to give in

It was brought out of the tempering

With a powerful new glow

The fire erupted from it so


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