Poem – To Take The Shot

This is day # 11 in my poem writing challenge. It’s called “to take the shot.” I’m an avid basketball player and the game has a great parallel to life. In basketball, you shoot the ball at the basket and see what happens. Sometimes you make it and sometimes you miss. But either way, you took the shot and saw what the result was. I think this takes great courage in life – to take shots and be true to yourself – even if other people think you are crazy.



Take the shot it is there for you

You might make it after all

Or you may miss and lose

But the shot will make you stand tall


Some shots are easy and made up close

Others are heaved from great distance

It’s the long ones that are your foes

And challenge your resistance


While in the game the shot is hard

But making it is most rewarding

Perfect your shot, don’t be a tub of lard

For not shooting is simply hoarding


It is the courageous person who shoots the shot

Even if they are going to miss

For one can shoot and then get hot

And experience shooting bliss


So pick up the ball and give it a try

And reveal what the future will hold

You don’t need to even be sly

Just release and watch it unfold


Here’s to the shot takers of the world

You know who you are

Let your stroke unfurl and twirl

And be like a shooting star

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