Poem – The Twin Flame

This is day # 8 in my poem writing challenge. I decided to call this poem “The Twin Flame”. It’s something that I’ve thought about and read about recently – about our relationships here on earth, as Heidi and I discuss our relationship and what it means, along with what we see in the people we know. There seems to be a consensus online that our relationships have different levels: Karmic, Soul-Mate, and finally, Twin-Flame. This article is a good place to start to learn about them. I don’t know that I agree with all the incarnation and astrology stuff, but I think there are some things to what the article is saying. At any rate, here is the poem :)

Twin FlameSource: http://osagedr.wordpress.com/2013/03/11/the-triadic-heart-karmic-relationships-soul-mates-and-twin-flames/


Life goes along at a steady pace

Day after day and it’s not a race

Then one day while you are relaxed

Life decides to give you a little smack


That’s when you see it

And feel it near

The twin flame appears

And it causes you fear


For the feeling is so intense

It is like smelling the best incense

Or the fire that burns and burns

And never stops taking turns


For the twin flame is the most powerful

Of all connections that could be had

It’s a surprise in life that hits you hard

And you wonder if you will survive


The twin flame connection

Propels all your power

It really is the most connecting

Like a newly bloomed flower


And when you find it and realize

The twin flame in your life

Will release all your assumptions

And melt away all turmoil and strife


One flame may not understand what it is

It may be at a level that transcends

For one will realize it and run

The other will chase and it won’t be fun


The twin flames connect for all time

It is the way of things and not a crime

It is life revealing and not concealing

It happens with the sound of a chime


The twin flame powers in you

All good things become true

Your challenges are easily overcome

Your life becomes like the sun


And the twin flame now

Will be on your mind

Forever more

Until the end of time



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