Poem – Two Birds

This is poem #3 in my 15 day poem writing challenge. It’s a poem about two beautiful birds that each have a distinct quality and beauty about them. I feel myself caring deeply for each of these wonderful birds and that they will both be happy :)images


There’s these two birds

I have gotten to know

Each with a distinct color

Each with a distinct glow


One bird is well known to me

The other not as much

One is a familiar face in life

The other a strong memory


Both these birds are a part of me

And will forever be in my mind

I feel that I still need to get to know one

Before I run out of time


The two birds are kind and sweet

Each with strength and power

Each with its own set of feet

As they fly into the wind before them


And so I feel these two birds

In my life today with more to do

And in new and different ways

With each one of them in the future


For as I see the one bird fly away

And the other home at the nest

My soul still calls to the other bird

That I might connect with it again

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