Poem – The Way of the Warrior

This is day # 13 of my poem writing challenge! I’m writing a poem here called, “The Way of the Warrior.” It’s a poem for you guys and gals out there who know you need to go on a soul searching journey and get some things figured out in your life. It’s also for those of you who don’t know what to do with your life. The warrior’s journey starts from within. Then you attract those who are aligned to your journey.



The journey of the warrior starts from within

It’s a tireless effort that only you can win

The warrior’s path must be alone

It’s the battle to break through stone


The warrior gets strength inside

Where he faces the demons that reside

It must take each stride

As it takes the warrior’s glide


The warrior looks to his own

It asks nobody for a loan

It knows the path is a lonely one

It feels the warm rays of the sun


The warrior not only is strong

It is wise and it feels young

Even if the battle is long

The warrior knows he belongs


Each day is lived with purpose

Each hour gives experience to his purse

The warrior knows what comes first

And faces its foes with a loud burst


“Fight on each day and complete the task

That is all I will ever ask”

“I am the one, I wear no disguise

My life is the result of my tries”


I’ll end this poem by saying to be a true warrior in life, you must first master yourself – your body, mind, emotions, wants, desires, and goals and aspiration. This quest does not come quickly. If you are having a hard time in your life, take the warrior’s quest and figure out these things from within. It’s only after doing those that things will become more clear.

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