Poem – Surrender

This is day # 12 in my poem writing challenge. I’m loving writing these little poems and the poem I can think of for today is surrender. Why surrender? Because in life, we can only control ourselves. And often times, what we see in others is a mirror of what is going on in us. So I’m compelled to write about surrendering – letting go of things that drive people away and instead feel things that bring them back.


Surrender all your wants and needs

For the butterfly needs to fly

Release your expectations seen

And wave to it goodbye


Surrender yourself to your own silence

It’s okay to think from within

Let go of all that is tense

Or else you’ll end up in a tail spin


Control of others is an illusion

There is only yourself to be the captain of

Take your ship toward the sun

And stop chasing the white dove


With the surrender of all you know

And everyone that you care about

You’ll discover that the only foe

Is you and you cannot be stout


Without the surrender of all that is

And going to you and you alone

Seek guidance form your internal wiz

And find where the spirit roams


Surrender to the fate of life

And acknowledge yourself torn

For in your own turmoil and strife

You will eventually be reborn

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