I’ve tried a few things – books, mobile apps, investing, etc… Here is my attempt at them :).


I’ve written hundreds of articles here on my personal website and on DrJerm. I love writing and sharing thoughts and ideas with the power of words.

I wrote the book, Eglathia, a fantasy-fiction novel with elements of philosophy, magic, and moral dilemma’s.


I wrote a book about my first 50 dates since being single and on my own. I learned about my flaws and had a ton of fun through these 50 dates.


I have other book projects for the future planned as well – a sequel to Eglathia and a romance novel.


I am the creator of Tower of Eglathia, a modern-day rogue-like adventure. It contains magic, monsters, mystery, and fun!

Tower of Eglathia

I’ve played hundreds of games and these days I am particularly drawn into deep, role-playing games with intense story-lines and character development. A little bit of action is good too! To date, Tower of Eglathia¬†has received over 24,000 unique page views on Steam.


I am the creator of the Real-Time Calculator for Android. It’s a calculator that updates as you enter characters and does not require the equal sign to be pressed.

Real Time Calculator


To date, my calculator app has a 4.4/5.0 score, which is really good, on the Android app store.


I am a professional website developer and specialize in C#, ASP.NET MVC, SQL, IIS, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, PHP, and WordPress. I am also proficient with graphics applications like Paint and Paint.NET. Here’s a list of websites:


My personal writings focusing on sharing my insights, inspiration, love, and learning.


A website dedicated to self help and improving your life if you are having a hard time.


The website for all Eglathia products, the book and the game.


A website dedicated to helping you find details for colors. I made this with my twin brother.


A website dedicated to helping you find stuff to review and rate. I made this with my twin brother.


A website dedicated to computer character codes. I made this with my twin brother.


Let’s face it, money is what makes the world go-round for all interactions, transactions, and employment. I am an avid investor in stocks, peer to peer lending, and business ideas.

To date, I am earning double digit returns in peer to peer lending through Prosper and Lending Club and through my stock portfolio – particularly high yield dividend stocks. Who knows though, it’s probably just all luck :).


My areas of expertise include website development, personal development, life coaching, physical fitness, writing, basketball, personal finance, and future technology. If you’d like me to speak at your event in any of these areas, please Contact Me and let me know. Typically all I ask is that travel costs be covered.