Affirm The Truth

An ancient script says, “The Truth Will Set You Free.” Set free to do what? Jim Rohn said it best and I paraphrase, “Free to amend your errors and correct your ways.” If you are broke, best thing to affirm is, “I am broke.” On that note, let’s all affirm the truth. I’ll start with the truth about me, and then in the comments below, let’s hear the truth about you.

The Truth That Is Hard To Swallow

  • I’ve lost several thousand dollars in the stock market
  • My 401K is presently losing money
  • What I’m doing just might not be that important
  • There are people out there far more intelligent and influential than myself
  • My wife puts up with a lot of my quirks, foibles, and nuances
  • I am an emotional eater
  • I am afraid of confrontation
  • I was the cause of my kidney stone due to lack of hydration
  • I was the cause of my lower back disc rupture

The Good Truth

  • I’ve done well learning technology and web programming
  • I did complete a finished draft of a 300+ page fiction/fantasy novel
  • I did complete P90X and get healthy
  • I know much more about economics than I did a couple years ago
  • I’ve discovered many great leaders and great influences here on the Internet
  • I am giving more effort now than in the past
  • I have a wonderful wife and family
  • My only debt is my house and a little bit of one car
  • I am optimistic about the future

Ways To Correct The Hard Truth

I’ve lost several thousand dollars in the stock market. I can become less of an emotional buyer and seller and focus more on knowledge, information, and technical details. I can also continue to network with other finance bloggers to see what they are saying about stocks.

My 401K is presently losing money. I can accept that the markets are down right now and I just don’t have that much in it anyway to worry. I can contemplate taking the money out and buying gold. I can contemplate cashing it out and keeping the money. But what I will not do is stress out about it.

What I’m doing just might not be that important. I can accept that this fact might be possible. However, I won’t stop doing what I’m doing even if it were true. I have a life to live and I’m going to give it my best shot.

There are people out there far more intelligent and influential than myself. I’ve seen many of these people already. Tony Robbins, Bill Gates, Ray Kurzweil, Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rowling, etc… I find myself jealous at their ability to achieve and influence. That being said, I will focus on what I can do and learn from these great people.

My wife puts up with a lot of my quirks, foibles, and nuances. Boy does my wife put up with a lot from me. I recognize that, but I will still focus on the good qualities I bring to our marriage as well and continue to work with her daily on the things that I don’t do so well.

I am an emotional eater. I eat on impulse based on stress and mood. What I can do is drink water and stay out of the kitchen. I can create a reminder that I wear to remind me to stay focused. I can even get professional help for this if necessary.

I am afraid of confrontation. I don’t like to directly confront people. I have to admit, I don’t know how to solve this because I’m afraid of doing it. I believe I need to find courage and understand why I’m so timid in this area. I think it’s because I don’t think I know everything and am not qualified to confront and correct others.

I was the cause of my kidney stone. A lack of water and excessive exercise and protein shakes was the cause of my kidney stone. To solve this, I guzzle water like a thirsty lap dog and keep a water container with me at all times. I’m much more controlled in my exercise now as well.

I was the cause of my lower back disc rupture. Over-doing it in basketball and exercise caused this. Bending over and touching my toes was a goal of mine and I neglected my lower back while doing it. Over time, it caused my lower back disc rupture. I’m now much more aware of my anatomy and limits. I ice my back and use an inversion table and will forever watch and monitor my lower back.

What Is True About You?

Dear friend,
what is the truth about you? When you peel back all the layers and remove all assumptions and existing beliefs, what is real and true in your life? What can you do to correct the hard truth in your life? Together, we can see what is real and then make the changes to better ourselves and those around us in order to create a better future.

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  1. I tend to focus on the positive of any situation. I am goal oriented and usually achieve my goals. I love my career and get almost as much as I give. I challenge myself to grow mentally, physically and emotionally.

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