Finishing My Singing Challenge

I’ve done 15 days of my singing challenge now! I was originally going to do 30 days, however, I see that after 15 days I am comfortable trying to sing and have really enjoyed the process of singing in front of the camera. Therefore, I think the singing challenge has done its job and I am going to get back to writing and doing videos about other things.

What’s really interesting is that earlier in the year, I was terrified of singing anything in front of anyone. Now I’ve done 15 days straight of singing various songs and it feels really good. This is me ending the 30 day challenge of singing and having it be a 15 day challenge instead. I don’t have the greatest singing voice, but it’s okay and I can make it work with the ability to sing that I have :)

For those of you that have followed this singing challenge, I do take requests for new songs if you have some that you’d like to hear :) Here are the songs I sang in order from day 1.

  1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  2. Mary Had A Little Lamb
  3. You are My Sunshine
  4. 6 Little Ducks
  5. Lean on MeĀ (Bill Withers)
  6. I Swear (All 4 One)
  7. Country Road (John Denver)
  8. Tears in Heaven (Eric Clapton)
  9. Beautiful in My Eyes (Joshua Kadison)
  10. Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash)
  11. True Colors (Phil Collins)
  12. Wherever You Will Go (the Calling)
  13. Hard to Say I’m Sorry (Chicago)
  14. You’re the Inspiration (Chicago)
  15. Give Said the Little Stream

Thanks to those of you who followed this singing challenge. It is great to face your fears and do things that stretch you. That’s how you become more than what you are today :)

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