Hypermiling – 10 Car Driving Techniques You Can Do Today To Stretch Your Money and Gas

I wrote previously that I got 53 miles per gallon (during one day) in my 2009 Honda Fit (a full gas car). This is no fluke and I’m prepared to share with you now how I average in the high 40’s regularly on my tanks of gas. Remember, a curious mind and a willingness to do what it takes are required :)

1. Relax and Enjoy the Ride

To relax and enjoy the ride, I either go to work early, or arrive late to avoid rush hour traffic. This way I’m not in a hurry. But wait, I just said I’m arriving to work late… Won’t I get fired? How does that work? It’s easy – I just stay at work later that day and avoid the rush hour traffic while leaving work. Most of you drive to a place of employment each day. Plan your driving around rush hour traffic and this is a huge step to having a relaxing and enjoyable ride.

I also listen to music and audio while in my car. A good piece of music or learning DVD really helps the ride go by fast and invigorates me. Instead of listening to the same old songs/shows on the radio, I make a conscious decision to listen to what inspires me.

2. Don’t Let the Car Idle

When I get in the garage to leave for work, I first open the garage door. Then I get in the car. Once the garage door is opened and I’ve verified nothing is behind me, I quickly turn the car on and back out, still making sure nothing is behind me. If I hit a red light that just turned red and it’s a busy intersection, I turn the car off and wait 30 seconds, then turn it back on. When I pull into any parking place, my priority is to stop and then turn the car off.

In winter time, do not get stuck in a position where you are leaving the car on and scraping snow and ice off of the car. Take care of that business first. Then get in the car and turn it on. I know idling uses gas because in my 2009 Honda Fit, I have a miles per gallon gauge. When I’m stopped and the car is on, that gauge slowly goes down.

3. Don’t Accelerate

Accelerate means putting your right foot on the gas peddle to move the car forward or backward. Any acceleration uses gas. You actually use less gas idling than you do accelerating. You might be wondering, “How do I get my car to go if I don’t accelerate?” Perfectly valid question. Acceleration cannot be avoided. But by having a mindset of no accelerating, you will then be able to master principle 10 – Coast.

Here’s a list of the don’t accelerate’s:

  • Don’t accelerate to red lights
  • Don’t accelerate to stop signs
  • Don’t accelerate in a traffic jam
  • Don’t accelerate going down a steep hill
  • Don’t accelerate when a green light is far ahead (more on that later with principle 7 – Anticipate)

4. Treat the Accelerator Like a Newborn Baby

When you do accelerate, picture in your mind a newborn baby under your right foot. This baby is precious and if you press your foot hard on the accelerator, you’ll hurt the cute little thing. When you do have to accelerate, ease into it. Sure, you might get a person or two who passes you. Watch them as they siphon their gas away.

5. Don’t Break

Breaking is using your left or right foot to hit the break peddle and slow down or stop the car. There’s two reasons not to break. First, breaking causes wear on the breaks, which will eventually have to be fixed. Prolonging this saves you money. The second reason is breaking will cut into your gas mileage. Why is this? Simple: after breaking, accelerating usually follows. Accelerating uses gas. Only break if you absolutely have to (a car pulled out in front of you, you are at a stop sign, a light turned red, a cat ran out in front of you and is enthralled with your vehicle).

6. No Air Conditioning

No air conditioning. This is where I’ve lost all credibility right? Let’s view this from a slightly different lens. Let’s say you just keep your windows down about an inch from the top on each side of your car and the air conditioning is off. On the hot summer days, it may feel like a minor sauna. But over the course of a couple months you adapt and become used to it. And the sweat is a nice little detox as well.

When the air conditioning is on, the engine has to do more work to make that cool air – this uses more gas. However, if you have small children in the car and it’s dreadfully hot, then put the windows up and use the air conditioning, I’ll let that one slide ;) But it will still use more gas.

7. Anticipate

Anticipation is an art. It requires using the human brain. When driving, become aware and engaged with what is going on. Doing this will give you clues as to what will happen next. Anticipation is most useful when you are in city driving with plenty of stop lights. Here’s the rules for anticipating stop lights.

Note: Far in front of you is a stop light you can see, but is a ways away – more than 200 feet or so. Close in front of you means you’re within 200 feet or so.

  • If a stop light is far in front of you and is RED, and it just turned RED, ease off the accelerator and coast your way to it.
  • If a stop light is far in front of you and is RED, and it has been RED for a while, you can probably celebrate and drive at just below normal speed and it will turn green, letting you go right through.
  • If a stop light is far in front of you and is GREEN, and it just turned GREEN, celebrate and drive through like normal.
  • If a stop light is far in front of you and is GREEN, and has been GREEN for a while, anticipate that it might turn red and ease off the accelerator a little.
  • If a stop light is close in front of you and is RED, no acceleration and coast to it.
  • If a stop light is close in front of you and is GREEN, and it just turned GREEN, celebrate and drive through like normal.
  • If a stop light is close in front of you and is GREEN, and it has been GREEN for a while, you might have to break a principle and hit the accelerator hard to get through and avoid stopping. But only if you can do so safely.

Of course there are exceptions to these rules – some stop lights last only 5 seconds or there are weird intersections. But in general, these rules have served me well.

In a nutshell, the favorable conditions to create through anticipation are: 1. a stop light far in front of you has been red for a while and will probably turn green. 2. A stop light far in front of you just turned green and you should be able to drive through it without stopping. 3. A stop light close in front of you just turned green so you can just drive through.

Finally, anticipate other drives and traffic conditions. I always leave about 15 car lengths in front of me (freeway) and about 10 car lengths (city) so if I see break lights, I can just coast without breaking and traffic will probably start up again before I need to stop. I would say find what works for you, but leaving this distance has allowed me to coast and not stop a countless number of times.

8. Keep Your Tires Inflated

When your tires are filled with air, there is less friction on the ground. This means the car takes less work to move along the road using less gas.

9. Take Turns Quickly

Taking turns slowly means you’ll have to accelerate after the turn. If you can take a turn at about 20 miles per hour, you’ll need less acceleration after the turn. This means getting used to faster turns. Only turn faster if safety permits. If there are schools nearby or pedestrians, then safety first and take the turn slowly.

10. Coast

Probably the most important principle. Whenever possible you should be coasting and not hitting the accelerator. This means the car’s own momentum is pushing it forward. When I coast in my 2009 Honda Fit, I get over 80 miles per gallon. Nice! If you follow the other principles, you’ll have a much greater chance to coast.

When you are getting to your freeway exit, stop accelerating and coast to it – most of them have a stop light or stop sign at the end anyway. When you are approaching a steep down hill – don’t accelerate – let the car carry you down it. On the freeway when you have small downhills, let the car coast down them. Coast, Coast, Coast!

Bonus: Stay Within the Speed Limit

Always stay within the speed limit. Some hyper-milers may drive like granny’s, but I always drive at least the speed limit. The law is the law I say.

Bonus: Stay Safe

Safety must always come first – even ahead of saving gas. However, I’ve found that most of the time I can follow these principles without compromising safety. If I see pedestrians and bikers, or other cars in the way, sometimes I have to hit the brakes or slow down.


Even if all you did was decide to coast as much as possible and avoid accelerating hard and breaking hard, you’ll probably get 10% to 20% more gas mileage. The benefits to many drivers doing this are huge – both in dollars saved, and in gas reserves saved. Safe hyper-miler driving has served me well, and my hope is that it will do the same for you. I’ll do some videos in the future illustrating some of the principles outlined here.

Happy safe, efficient, and cost effective driving my friends!



Someone I look up to said the following about getting out of poverty:

“Align the willingness to do whatever I could to make things better and watch closely for opportunity to knock.”

What a swift and powerful analysis. I posed the question about getting away from poverty on Facebook yesterday and received some responses. Most talked about earning more money or wanting less. But the response given by the person I look up to above was the best. I especially like willingness to do whatever it takes to make things better.

I’m blessed with a good life. I had a good mother and father who cared for me and made sure to provide food, clothing, shelter, and opportunities to participate in sports. Simply put, they gave to me so I would not be in poverty. And now it is my turn to take it to another level. I’ve achieved middle class stature. It’s great to be able to live comfortably with health insurance possessing a valuable skill (in my case, web development skills). But that is not enough. I shall explain.

I have a burning desire in me to do all I can to contribute and leave a powerful legacy for my family. A big part of this includes the income I create. I had middle class living as a child and so I want my children to have high upper class living. Private school? No problem. A trip to Europe for class? No problem. Tuition to harvard? No problem. Whatever my family and children want, I will provide it because it is where the influential and powerful people are – where the money is.

I’ll keep seeking after it until I get it. Brick by brick, one day at a time. Every day is a spin of the flywheel. I can see why it’d be easy to give up. I started dressing nice for work a couple months ago. I could see why getting discouraged and going back to plain clothes would make sense. But it’s not so much the promotion as it is the psychology and preparing myself. Even if it takes 10 years.

I’ll keep working on my book with my awesome sister-in-law editor. I love the book and believe it will do well. Will the planets align and the book be known the world over? Time will tell. Either way, I will write more. And I’ll work on my websites. And I will invest. And I will work on my psychology. And I’ll do all I possibly can. And I will do it until one day I wake up and realize I’ve just created millions of dollars worth of income for our family. And then I will smile and realize that that is only just the beginning…

Winner’s Put In The Extra Effort Even When It Hurts

Shiv Khera – an Indian motivational speaker and author of self-help books.

It’s difficult to keep working on a skill consistently. After a time it gets monotonous. It gets difficult. It gets annoying. It gets painful. Is this what stops you? Think about something you want to do. You have the idea for it already. That’s not the problem. The problem is you’re not willing to go through the pain and difficulty to make it happen. You’d rather be comfortable. I’d rather be comfortable any day.

How has this worked for you? How has it worked for me? I’m not thrilled to say that spouting off my ideas has not been enough to make them happen. It’s very easy to have ideas. I know this from experience. I have a lot of them. I get an idea for a website almost every day. I’m serious – every day! The last few days it has been this:

  • A detailed reviews website with personal videos by me, along with an article.
  • A website dedicated to ways humans can augment their own abilities.
  • A website that lets you create your own “Choose Your Own Adventure Stories.”

So the problem is not that ideas are not flowing. Trust me, they are flowing. You are a human being with a smart brain. The problem is in the EFFORT. I face this challenge. I don’t want to sit and work on something because it will mean effort and effort means pain. So I don’t. Instead I will go watch TV or watch YouTube videos or play a game or something. Anything to get out of work. Maybe it’s from bad experiences related to work growing up. I’m not sure.

What has worked for me

What has worked for me might work for you. Music continues to be an important catalyst to get my butt moving.

Faith is another one. Often times a lack of belief in my ability to make something work stops me from trying. But when I start playing my pump it up music and focusing on the skill I have, I notice things start clicking. I’m able to work without much effort.

Finally, there is courage. It takes courage to do more than just try and get by in life. It takes courage to have an idea and share it with the world. Those of you who have your own websites reading this are courageous. You are sharing your ideas with the world. I admire and honor you for this.

Music, Faith, And Courage

So when you find yourself in a rut and wondering why the heck you can’t make any progress, kick in the music. That part isn’t hard. You just have to turn the music on. Whatever music turns you on is all that is required. Then focus on your ability and the faith to make it happen. Have the courage to share what you have with others. Repeat this process consistently. It is serving me well right this moment and will for you as well.

The Power of Completing Anything

Imagine for a moment a carpenter of great skill and ability. His craftsmanship is superior and his ability astounds his peers. We’ll call this carpenter ‘Johnny’. Johnny loves thinking about building his next home. He thinks about all the cool things the home will have. It will have a hot tub! It will have a theater room! It will have a swimming pool! It will have a cat walk all along the ceilings for the cats to play and travel around! It will have marble floors! It will have solar panels! It will be spectacular!

Johnny starts putting the foundation together for the home. He works hard at it. He even finishes the foundation. But for all his hard work, there is not much to be seen of the finished product. Sweaty and frustrated, he loses faith in the home and walks off, leaving a foundation and nothing else. Six months later, he gets the desire back to build another home, designs it out in his mind and repeats the same process. Over the course of many years, Johnny has built many foundations, but finished nothing.

I say to Johnny, “I know exactly how you feel.” I have felt the sting of frustration in working so hard on something, but thinking, “Where is it? Why isn’t anything happening?” I’ve built many foundations myself that I never decided to keep building on. It’s a challenge isn’t it? I’ve done it more than once too! I had a computer games website in 2004/2005 I quit after building a foundation, I stopped adding to DrJerm because I thought the foundation I had built should be the house (thankfully I’ve continued my writing on my website here). I’ve had many ‘small projects’ I started that never were completed because I kept thinking the foundation was the finished project.

If there was a tribe for starting projects and not finishing them, I think I would be the shaman. This is the spiritual leader of a tribe. I’d have a really big totem staff and wear a costume and makeup signifying me as chief builder of foundations without the rest of the walls, ceilings, and inner workings. In fact, my village would be a bunch of foundations without the rest of the work completed. We’d have a tough time when it rains I tell ya! I think eventually the tribe would rebel against me just from the sheer frustration of having no ceilings over their heads during rain storms!

How to complete something

  • Focus on one thing at a time. This is 80% of the challenge.
  • Break up the tasks required to complete it every two weeks.
  • Rinse and repeat until completed.

As an aspiring author, I completed 20 pages of my fiction/fantasy novel… over the course of eight years. This is called NOT VERY GOOD. It was only when I decided to focus completely on writing the first draft of the book and nothing else that it actually got done. This is… reality. My reality is that I’m not a good juggler of multiple projects. They all end up getting abandoned and I’m stuck back where I started. The power came when I realized that I could complete real, tangible, and very cool projects (like my book) by focusing on them completely until they are done.

Underline the word UNTIL

Until is a powerful word. I didn’t discover it until I heard Jim Rohn talk about the power of it. Think about the word until. Attach it to what you want to complete the most. I will work this project UNTIL it is done. I will work on earning more money in my career until it happens. I will work out until I look and feel a certain way. I will work on being a good husband and father until I see my wife reacting in a way that confirms I am doing it. And when until happens I will keep working on it perpetually as there is no end to improving.

What will you work on until you finish? There is power and confidence in completion that comes from knowing you are making a difference in the world. Don’t do what I have done and try to juggle multiple projects. Pick what is your best interest and work on it until it is completed. The power of until will carry you through.

The Quest To Receive From 100 People Their Top 3 Challenges In Life

I need your help! Simple help really – less than a minute I’d reckon. I am undertaking a quest to receive from 100 people (or more!) what their top 3 challenges in life are. It’s that simple. I want to connect with you and anyone else who is willing to share what their top 3 challenges in life are. They can be challenges related to anything in your life you would like some guidance/advice/assistance with.

Listen to me for a few minutes for further details

I’ll start with my top 3 challenges

  • Challenge 1: Connecting with visitors of my website – I want to hear from you! You can re tweet (at the top), contact me (link at the top), leave comments, and Share/Bookmark at the end of every article I write.
  • Challenge 2: Trying to recover fully from lower back surgery I had at the end of January 2010.
  • Challenge 3: Showing that I earnestly care about you. This really is a community for getting help in your life, to take action, make progress, and complete ideas and dreams.

All you have to do

  • Fill out the contact form below with your top 3 challenges in life.
  • Share this page to anyone you know who could use some help with challenges. You can use the retweet button above, or click the ‘Share/Bookmark’ link at the bottom. Or you can just email the link to this page.

That’s it. There are no gimmicks. I WILL NOT use your email for any other reason than to communicate with you personally if needed. I promise that if you give me just a few minutes of your time, that I will provide value to you far greather than the few minutes you spend here. I will be addressing every problem sent to me, probably through a new article, but in some cases I will personally respond – all inquiries will be kept anonymous.

1. Contact me with your top 3 challenges – You can remain anonymous if you prefer, or put in your email if you want me to be able to contact you

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2. Share this

Share this page with anyone you know that could use a little help. Click the ‘Share’ link below and send an email. Or re tweet at the top. I am earnestly trying to connect with people and by hearing about yours and others challenges, I will be able to do this in a much more precise way. I sincerely desire to write about what is troubling you the most. Thank you for your time!

Breaking One Million In Alexa Ranking

Alexa ranking
Snapshot image taken 3/23/2010

Today is an awesome day for many reasons. I have a wife whom I love dearly and is a large part of the fuel that enhances the fire of this website. I have two wonderful daughters. I have a great full time job as a web developer (as of 3/23/2010) with benefits which help care for our family. I feel happy, full, and abundant – and I believe I’m only scratching the surface! Today I want to celebrate something with you, and that is the breaking of the one million mark in Alexa.

I wrote an article about how life is a journey, and that getting to a certain point in time does not define life. However, milestones and achievements do help define life! Alexa is one way to measure website traffic against the world, and the lower the number you are ranked, the better you are doing (it’s not perfect, but it is something).

I made a set of goals last month and boy have things really changed since then. All these goals were smashed and I have worked tirelessly to follow through with them. The only one I didn’t do was announcing a live chat session – but that one is coming :)

How Did It All Begin?

It started with Lisa Irby, a couple years ago. She is the first member of my ‘wizard club’ – people I’m finding to be exceptional in their expertise in life. Lisa got me started on the path to having a successful website.

There have been others who have come along and been an inspiration to me, one in particular is Sam, from Financial Samurai. He has shown great leadership and intelligence through his creation of the Yakezie Club. I felt an immediate connection to what he was saying and doing when I first saw his website, and I’ve gotten to know some of the other website owners that are part of the Yakezie club.

There are many others who have had a profound impact on me. This has been the beauty of taking action and networking with people. I’ve really found some extraordinary folks in just a short time. I feel fortunate to have formed some of the friendships and genuine relationships I have now. Just check out a few of them at my shout outs for March!

For some, under one million in Alexa is no big deal. For me, it is – this is the first website I’ve ever done that has ranked this high. It’s no coincidence that this is the most focused and driven I’ve ever been in my entire life – there is a direct correlation I believe.

26 Ways To Increase Your Alexa Ranking

  • Promote others selflessly. Write about them. Contact them. Email them. Comment on their website. Link to them from your website. Do it genuinely.
  • Look for others to network with. Look on Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Google, Yahoo, Flickr, SodaHead, Youtube, Online Forums, Street Corners, Cafe’s, Classrooms, Workplaces, on TV, on the News. Be relentless in your pursuit!
  • Learn technology – specifically web technology. Don’t be afraid to learn how the guts of your website works. I’m going to make the wizard at the top of my site shoot fire out and display a welcome video for first time visitors when you hover over him, by the end of next month. I can do this by myself because I know the technology.
  • Examine your life pie. Really see what your priorities in life are. Slice into it and make your website a priority.
  • When you are tired at midnight, work two more hours.
  • When you are feeling burned out, pump up the motivation music, and work more.
  • Burn the vision of your website in your mind. Use ‘Unleash Your Fire Through Motion’ as a way to enhance this.
  • Seriously – selflessly give to and promote others.
  • Create your own group which you selflessly promote. For me, this is the I.P.W.
  • Create at least 30 pages of quality content. Then you can start referring to previous articles when you write, for further value and cohesiveness.
  • Model successful people – without copying them. Find your thing, but use the strategies of those who are successful (like Lisa Irby and Financial Samurai)
  • Believe in yourself. Use positive self talk!
  • Enjoy successes and build upon them. I’m under a million in Alexa, so what do I do now? I go to town and work harder.
  • Learn and accept failings. I did a contest for 5 people to join my Facebook page as a fan and if they did, I’d mention and link to them in my next article. I announced it on Twitter and nobody joined. Guess what? No biggie, gather what I learned from how I approached it, change my approach, and move on. UPDATE! Silly me – there was a restriction on the page – it should be visible now…
  • Create contests (I’ve seen people do this and have great success). Give away something free. Give away a free book. Give away some of your time.
  • Seek out mentors. Special thanks to Brandi Grays, for working with me on the marketing side of my website. Check her site out, she’s been very helpful to me! She is offering free consulting right now as of (3/23/2010).
  • Create more sites, learn from them. I’ve had DrJerm for over two years and P90XFamily for over a year. I’ve learned valuable lessons from them.
  • Set realistic goals – achieve them and set harder goals.
  • Be persistent, dedicated, and earnestly seek to add value to others.
  • Chew fear, spit out relentlessness. Could my site die a horrible death and get ranked 10 million in Alexa? Sure it could. But if I give it my all, I’m not worried.
  • Get fit and have the energy to work hard.
  • Eat the right foods.
  • Be bold, dream big.
  • Be unique.
  • Get everywhere on the web.
  • Hustle!

I’m showing that there really is something to what I am saying. I am willing into existence evidence. I’m not just some crazy person making crap up (ok I am crazy!). What I share on this website really works. It will help you realize your DREAMS and IDEAS, make PROGRESS, and see things through to COMPLETION. That is the magic of what I am doing here. That is the magic you can have in your life too! Wishing you success as you create your dreams and ideas into existence – whatever they may be that add value to this world.

Folks: What are you dreams and aspirations? Do you believe you can complete them? What can I do to help?

It’s Goal Time #1

UPDATE: Many of these goals have already changed and such is the nature of adapting. I look forward to sharing with you the big changes when the time comes.

I wrote an article about a few of my goals when I first launched my website. It’s been a couple weeks since I started working regularly on it and it’s time to show the power of my first set of goals! So far, I have completely achieved 4/5 of them. The one I have not achieved is guest posting – but I know where I want to guest post now and what I will write about.

This is a series of articles outlining my goals for making this website a useful, valuable, and heavily visited place for people to get hope, inspiration, learn, grow, and find the secrets of other people’s success.

Previous goals

You can read my previous article on my first set of goals here.

  • Goal 1: Get that Alexa website ranking under 10 million.
    This has been achieved as the Alexa ranker on the right will testify. Is there a guarantee it will stay under 10 million? Of course not – but if I keep fueling this website, I am certain it will continue to improve. I have improved it by creating useful content, commenting on other blogs, finding related sites to get back links in, and telling those closest to me about it. I’ve really just barely started networking with people and working on traffic.
  • Goal 2: Create 10 posts of valuable content before I start the launch of the website.
    I’m happy about this one. I’ve created more than 10 posts now that solve real problems with actual strategies and techniques. Now I just need to work on getting people to see them and realize their value.
  • Goal 3: Guest post on 1 well known blog.
    The only goal I have not yet achieved. But I know where I want to do my guest post. I just need to think of something interesting to say and then write it and submit it to them. If they say no, that’s okay – I will try a few other blogs and if nobody accepts it still, add it to my website here. :)
  • Goal 4: Create a live chat room where people can be assigned a key to join the room
    This one wasn’t so bad actually! I have a little ‘chat’ link in the top right that will let you chat in real time with other people. Guests can login without a username and password, and once logged in, changing your display name to whatever name you want is easy. There are some more customizations and rules I need to add, but I’m very happy with this.
  • Goal 5: Launch the website by notifying on all my websites about it, notifying about it on Twitter and Facebook, and submitting the site to Google.
    I decided to do this without the guest post. I’m using Twitter and Facebook now for my website and put links on my other websites to here. The site is officially launched!

New set of goals

First and foremost, I must continue on with some of my first set of goals! I must create useful content and continue to network more and more. But there are new things I can do now. Now that I have achieved most of the previous simple goals, I can add another small layer!

  • Continue to add useful content that will help people in their lives.
    Strategy: Limit posting to 2-3 times a week. The reason is that I need to spend time researching more about what people want to know and the major problems they are having. Starting March 1st, I will only do 2-3 posts a week so that they are more valuable and well thought out. They are good now, but I can always do better.
  • Grow my networking of websites and commenting to 20 websites. Make a list as a post and put it on this website.
    Strategy: Use Google, other blogs, and Alexa to find what sites I should comment and post on. Create an article that shows this list to the world (and so I can keep track of all of them, LOL).
  • Do a complete site evaluation every weekend to see if it is going in the right direction.
    Every Sunday, simply examine the traffic and interaction on the website. If it isn’t improving, come up with things I can do better and ask for help here on the website for what can be done. I am also reading what ‘experts’ are saying to do on other blogs.
  • Do 1 guest post and no new goals until it is done.
    Strategy: Do it by the end of March, no excuses.
  • Alexa ranking under 8 million.
    Strategy: Alexa is not the end all to seeing how trafficed your site is. Still it is some measure of it and the best I can think of at the moment for a concrete way to measure traffic success. I will do this by increasing my networking and adding more content. I will also add a visible way to follow me on Facebook and Twitter. Also, my next goal will also help with this I believe.
  • Announce a live chat session and get at least one person to show.
    Strategy: Announce this via Facebook, Twitter, and this website here. I will have my first chat date sometime late March. It will be an open discussion centered around questions to ask me about anything.

This is a small step up from what I’ve been doing. And that’s good. I’ve got my site launched, iterated through the theme of it many times and will now spend time evaluating what the site should really be about and continuing to add useful content. I look forward to reporting to you on these goals!

The wizard wants to ask you if you have a set of goals you have not started on. Have you made your first set of simple goals? Just make a simple list like walk for five minutes a day, or eat two apples this week. Are you with me? We will do this together!

How Creating Your First Simple Goals With Strategies Will Radically Change Your Life

The goal (pun intended) of this article is for YOU to put in writing a few simple things you know you want to do and then come up with some simple strategies you will use to accomplish them. Then finally, take action and follow through fully with them. Do this, and you will have succeeded.

Goals with strategies will give you an edge in life that few people have. Most people are pretty good talkers when it comes to starting a business, getting in good health, or achieving great wealth. And it sure is fun to talk about isn’t it? Just dreaming about it all can make you tingly enough to almost float above the ground. But lets get to reality.

Goals with strategies puts you ahead because it gives a clear picture of what your success requires. Otherwise, how will you know if you are achieving success if you have no measure of it?

Goals give you the opportunity to take some action instead of talking – this means they put you in check to see if you are simply just talking a good game. Goals with strategies are wonderful. And if you start simple, you will feel good knowing you can accomplish them.

What are some of your own simple goals right now?

My first simple goals are listed below, including strategies I will use to accomplish them. In some cases, part of the goal is to figure out the strategy to use. Your goals should be relative to what you want to accomplish. In my case, there are a few things I want to accomplish with my website.

Please note, I am not creating goals for my short term, medium term, and long term life. I am not trying to figure out everything today. I am not going into why I am setting these goals. I am just trying to get started, which is where most people fail. I am not putting a set ‘date’ on when I will accomplish these goals. However, I will be working with sheer relentlessness to accomplish them. I believe if you work in this manner, that ‘dates’ will take care of themselves.

Here are my first set of goals. Goals are a tremendous way to measure success. These are nothing fancy, just simple goals I know I can achieve – it’s important to be realistic with your goals.

  • Goal 1: Get that Alexa website ranking under 10 million. It’s at 20 million as of right now (2/10/2010).
    Strategy: That’s okay, I’ve not done any traffic building steps yet. So I will create quality content that actually helps people. Guest post on popular and well written blogs; submit to Google; tell friends about the website via social networking; create an announcement on all my other websites. Also, come up with more ways to generate traffic and list them here. Figure out more ways to increase my traffic.
  • Goal 2: Create 10 posts of valuable content before I start the launch of the website.
    Strategy: Come up with 10 topics I know that people struggle with and are seeking answers for. Then create posts about it including what I’ve learned, what others have had to say, and product/service recommendations that will help further solve the issue.
  • Goal 3: Guest post on 1 well known blog.
    Strategy: Find some well known blogs through searching the internet. I will ask around and be resourceful. I already know some of them. Then contact their webmaster AFTER I’ve written my first 10 content posts, and ask if I could guest post.
  • Goal 4: Create a live chat room where people can be assigned a key to join the room (this one may be a little ambitious, but I want it).
    Strategy: The most lofty of my goals here. I am going to research open source chat tools and see if I can use my programming skills to customize the chat so users of this site can talk to each other quickly and effectively. In the future, with enough traffic, I’ll create a forum as well.
  • Goal 5: Launch the website by notifying on all my websites about it, notifying about it on Twitter and Facebook, and submitting the site to Google.
    Strategy: My most simple goal. It just requires me doing the first four and I’ll consider the website launched. When this happens, I will be moving these goals to a goal topic where I will consistently make my goals known.

I now have a simple measure of success. If I achieve these goals, I will consider myself successful. But when that happens, it’s time to upgrade to new and more challenging goals. But not until I achieve the simple ones. If I can’t get simple things down, there’s no point in thinking big.

What are five simple goals you can accomplish right now and what strategies will you use?

As I said before, it’s fun to talk about starting a business, exercising, or having lots of money. It’s another to start making a list of things to do to get there. And it’s even further still to start researching the best strategies to get there. I’m new at this, but I’m going to get better. There’ll be a history of my goals and how I accomplished them here to view on my website. I look forward to this challenge!

What strategies should you use? Start with what you know how to do. Then find people who are successful in the area(s) you are trying to achieve in. Find out what they are doing and look to them for advice. More than that is beyond the simple scope of this article.

Finally, how will this radically change your life? Because you will be taking action. As you do this, you will shift from a talker to a doer. And you may not succeed every time, but that is ok. You will begin to condition yourself to take action as you do it more and more. This is where the radical change will take place.

What do you think about this? What is your experience with goals and more particularly strategies. You’ve read all of this right? Now it’s time to take your favorite writing/typing device and get down those few simple things you can start doing right now. Get the strategies of how you will accomplish them, and get going! Talk to me about what you plan to do so you have some accountability.