Some Bold Predictions From Jeremy

Crystal ball
image by seanmcgrath

All right, it’s time for me to put on my fortune teller / diviner / augur / medium / psychic / oracle / astrologer / loony hat.
I’m going to predict my future, right here, right now for everyone who reads my website (about 30-40 people a day presently). Think I’m crazy? Wait, don’t answer that :)

I am predicting my future because it will give people evidence that I am not just some guy who is rambling on. I am teaching dreaming and having ideas, making progress, and seeing those dreams and ideas through to completion! This is not some random hobby I am doing, this is REAL. It is my blood, sweat, and tears thrown into the pot and stirred with all the passion I can muster!

The fruition of these predictions will be the ‘magic’ that drives people here as they wonder, “Wow, I think there is something to what this guy is saying.”

I am doing it because I KNOW there are people who come here and say, hmmm, all right, and then click away to another site – those people are going to come back when they see the power from an intense burning desire, sheer relentlessness, and a dedicated strategy. I now share what the future holds at this current time, some small, some large, and I make no apologies or hesitations in the boldness – or vastness of my predictions.

Without further adieu, predictions time

  • This month, my wife and I will have our 2nd child, Sienna and I will share those pictures with you here on this website.
  • In three months, I will regain all the energy and physique that I have lost in the last few months due to my back disc herniation and subsequent back surgery.
  • Within six months, grow the I.P.W. (Inspirational People On The Web) to 20 websites and continue to contribute to them.
  • Within a year, will break the 500,000 barrier in Alexa
  • Within a year and a half, I will have a final, finished, polished version of my book. A publisher will see the ‘magic’ of it and a deal, of life altering proportions, that sends me down a wild ride will follow. The joy of sharing this labor of love with the world will be a life altering event for my family.
  • Within two years, create an undisclosed website, filling an urgent need, which will become the #1 of its kind.
  • Within two and a half years, my personal website will get flooded with visitors, so much that I will need to switch to a dedicated server and go through the pain of transferring everything. The flood of visitors will be due to the story of how a husband, father, and website developer in an office cube wrote a best selling book and pioneered a personal transformation website through life evidence.
  • Within three years, I will be faced with the decision of leaving my full time job where I work with wonderful people, in order to go full steam on my life’s purpose. The fear of providing for my family will be fully confronted and will be a time of tremendous growth for me.
  • Within five years, I will logically meet Tony Horton, the creator of P90X, as he sees the man who had kidney stone surgery, back surgery, and still did P90X while authoring a best selling book, creating a personal transformation website, and finally traveled the country telling my tale.

What makes me so sure?

About a year and a half ago, I had this idea to meet “The Rock”, Dwayne Johnson. I would simply work on all the things I needed to do to meet him. That was such a short sided approach that I have learned from. I know now that I will meet whom I desire through the offerings I serve the world with. It will simply be a logical course of action.

I will be continuing to execute detailed strategies that will propel each of these predictions into reality. They are not simply wild guesses – there is a detailed plan to get each prediction to come into existence. I will not share those strategies at this time, but will at a later date.

My work ethic is tireless and relentless. I have reached a point in life where I go after what I want with relentless aggression. I will achieve all that I desire through sheer force of will, desire, and effort. My predictions are in line with my desires for myself and my family. And a big one – I willingly accept the consequences and responsibilities that shall ensue with said predictions coming true, including all the travel, own health insurance management, public speaking, picture taking, autograph signing, TV show appearing, book signing, website managing/updating, time managing, life giving, time consuming, new wealth managing, family moving, and fully thrilling consequences.

Awesome and inspiring readers: Have you had a moment in life where you became absolutely certain about something, to the point that even though it sounded outrageous and crazy, you knew it was going to happen? Or at the very least did you know you were going to give it your all and enjoy every moment along the way?

It’s Goal Time #1

UPDATE: Many of these goals have already changed and such is the nature of adapting. I look forward to sharing with you the big changes when the time comes.

I wrote an article about a few of my goals when I first launched my website. It’s been a couple weeks since I started working regularly on it and it’s time to show the power of my first set of goals! So far, I have completely achieved 4/5 of them. The one I have not achieved is guest posting – but I know where I want to guest post now and what I will write about.

This is a series of articles outlining my goals for making this website a useful, valuable, and heavily visited place for people to get hope, inspiration, learn, grow, and find the secrets of other people’s success.

Previous goals

You can read my previous article on my first set of goals here.

  • Goal 1: Get that Alexa website ranking under 10 million.
    This has been achieved as the Alexa ranker on the right will testify. Is there a guarantee it will stay under 10 million? Of course not – but if I keep fueling this website, I am certain it will continue to improve. I have improved it by creating useful content, commenting on other blogs, finding related sites to get back links in, and telling those closest to me about it. I’ve really just barely started networking with people and working on traffic.
  • Goal 2: Create 10 posts of valuable content before I start the launch of the website.
    I’m happy about this one. I’ve created more than 10 posts now that solve real problems with actual strategies and techniques. Now I just need to work on getting people to see them and realize their value.
  • Goal 3: Guest post on 1 well known blog.
    The only goal I have not yet achieved. But I know where I want to do my guest post. I just need to think of something interesting to say and then write it and submit it to them. If they say no, that’s okay – I will try a few other blogs and if nobody accepts it still, add it to my website here. :)
  • Goal 4: Create a live chat room where people can be assigned a key to join the room
    This one wasn’t so bad actually! I have a little ‘chat’ link in the top right that will let you chat in real time with other people. Guests can login without a username and password, and once logged in, changing your display name to whatever name you want is easy. There are some more customizations and rules I need to add, but I’m very happy with this.
  • Goal 5: Launch the website by notifying on all my websites about it, notifying about it on Twitter and Facebook, and submitting the site to Google.
    I decided to do this without the guest post. I’m using Twitter and Facebook now for my website and put links on my other websites to here. The site is officially launched!

New set of goals

First and foremost, I must continue on with some of my first set of goals! I must create useful content and continue to network more and more. But there are new things I can do now. Now that I have achieved most of the previous simple goals, I can add another small layer!

  • Continue to add useful content that will help people in their lives.
    Strategy: Limit posting to 2-3 times a week. The reason is that I need to spend time researching more about what people want to know and the major problems they are having. Starting March 1st, I will only do 2-3 posts a week so that they are more valuable and well thought out. They are good now, but I can always do better.
  • Grow my networking of websites and commenting to 20 websites. Make a list as a post and put it on this website.
    Strategy: Use Google, other blogs, and Alexa to find what sites I should comment and post on. Create an article that shows this list to the world (and so I can keep track of all of them, LOL).
  • Do a complete site evaluation every weekend to see if it is going in the right direction.
    Every Sunday, simply examine the traffic and interaction on the website. If it isn’t improving, come up with things I can do better and ask for help here on the website for what can be done. I am also reading what ‘experts’ are saying to do on other blogs.
  • Do 1 guest post and no new goals until it is done.
    Strategy: Do it by the end of March, no excuses.
  • Alexa ranking under 8 million.
    Strategy: Alexa is not the end all to seeing how trafficed your site is. Still it is some measure of it and the best I can think of at the moment for a concrete way to measure traffic success. I will do this by increasing my networking and adding more content. I will also add a visible way to follow me on Facebook and Twitter. Also, my next goal will also help with this I believe.
  • Announce a live chat session and get at least one person to show.
    Strategy: Announce this via Facebook, Twitter, and this website here. I will have my first chat date sometime late March. It will be an open discussion centered around questions to ask me about anything.

This is a small step up from what I’ve been doing. And that’s good. I’ve got my site launched, iterated through the theme of it many times and will now spend time evaluating what the site should really be about and continuing to add useful content. I look forward to reporting to you on these goals!

The wizard wants to ask you if you have a set of goals you have not started on. Have you made your first set of simple goals? Just make a simple list like walk for five minutes a day, or eat two apples this week. Are you with me? We will do this together!

How Creating Your First Simple Goals With Strategies Will Radically Change Your Life

The goal (pun intended) of this article is for YOU to put in writing a few simple things you know you want to do and then come up with some simple strategies you will use to accomplish them. Then finally, take action and follow through fully with them. Do this, and you will have succeeded.

Goals with strategies will give you an edge in life that few people have. Most people are pretty good talkers when it comes to starting a business, getting in good health, or achieving great wealth. And it sure is fun to talk about isn’t it? Just dreaming about it all can make you tingly enough to almost float above the ground. But lets get to reality.

Goals with strategies puts you ahead because it gives a clear picture of what your success requires. Otherwise, how will you know if you are achieving success if you have no measure of it?

Goals give you the opportunity to take some action instead of talking – this means they put you in check to see if you are simply just talking a good game. Goals with strategies are wonderful. And if you start simple, you will feel good knowing you can accomplish them.

What are some of your own simple goals right now?

My first simple goals are listed below, including strategies I will use to accomplish them. In some cases, part of the goal is to figure out the strategy to use. Your goals should be relative to what you want to accomplish. In my case, there are a few things I want to accomplish with my website.

Please note, I am not creating goals for my short term, medium term, and long term life. I am not trying to figure out everything today. I am not going into why I am setting these goals. I am just trying to get started, which is where most people fail. I am not putting a set ‘date’ on when I will accomplish these goals. However, I will be working with sheer relentlessness to accomplish them. I believe if you work in this manner, that ‘dates’ will take care of themselves.

Here are my first set of goals. Goals are a tremendous way to measure success. These are nothing fancy, just simple goals I know I can achieve – it’s important to be realistic with your goals.

  • Goal 1: Get that Alexa website ranking under 10 million. It’s at 20 million as of right now (2/10/2010).
    Strategy: That’s okay, I’ve not done any traffic building steps yet. So I will create quality content that actually helps people. Guest post on popular and well written blogs; submit to Google; tell friends about the website via social networking; create an announcement on all my other websites. Also, come up with more ways to generate traffic and list them here. Figure out more ways to increase my traffic.
  • Goal 2: Create 10 posts of valuable content before I start the launch of the website.
    Strategy: Come up with 10 topics I know that people struggle with and are seeking answers for. Then create posts about it including what I’ve learned, what others have had to say, and product/service recommendations that will help further solve the issue.
  • Goal 3: Guest post on 1 well known blog.
    Strategy: Find some well known blogs through searching the internet. I will ask around and be resourceful. I already know some of them. Then contact their webmaster AFTER I’ve written my first 10 content posts, and ask if I could guest post.
  • Goal 4: Create a live chat room where people can be assigned a key to join the room (this one may be a little ambitious, but I want it).
    Strategy: The most lofty of my goals here. I am going to research open source chat tools and see if I can use my programming skills to customize the chat so users of this site can talk to each other quickly and effectively. In the future, with enough traffic, I’ll create a forum as well.
  • Goal 5: Launch the website by notifying on all my websites about it, notifying about it on Twitter and Facebook, and submitting the site to Google.
    Strategy: My most simple goal. It just requires me doing the first four and I’ll consider the website launched. When this happens, I will be moving these goals to a goal topic where I will consistently make my goals known.

I now have a simple measure of success. If I achieve these goals, I will consider myself successful. But when that happens, it’s time to upgrade to new and more challenging goals. But not until I achieve the simple ones. If I can’t get simple things down, there’s no point in thinking big.

What are five simple goals you can accomplish right now and what strategies will you use?

As I said before, it’s fun to talk about starting a business, exercising, or having lots of money. It’s another to start making a list of things to do to get there. And it’s even further still to start researching the best strategies to get there. I’m new at this, but I’m going to get better. There’ll be a history of my goals and how I accomplished them here to view on my website. I look forward to this challenge!

What strategies should you use? Start with what you know how to do. Then find people who are successful in the area(s) you are trying to achieve in. Find out what they are doing and look to them for advice. More than that is beyond the simple scope of this article.

Finally, how will this radically change your life? Because you will be taking action. As you do this, you will shift from a talker to a doer. And you may not succeed every time, but that is ok. You will begin to condition yourself to take action as you do it more and more. This is where the radical change will take place.

What do you think about this? What is your experience with goals and more particularly strategies. You’ve read all of this right? Now it’s time to take your favorite writing/typing device and get down those few simple things you can start doing right now. Get the strategies of how you will accomplish them, and get going! Talk to me about what you plan to do so you have some accountability.