Tower of Eglathia

I have a dream I’d like to share with you related to my new project I’m working on. Fulfilled, it will allow me to work doing what I’ve really enjoyed doing since I was 5 year old. I just want to share that dream with you now.

Back when I was 5 years old, my father came to my kindergarten class and on his Compaq computer shared a game where a man with a briefcase walked around and ate floppy discs. This was 30 years ago. The graphics had only a couple colors I think. The game was simple by today’s standards, but the memory of that day is still very clear to me.

Something stirred within me on that day. An interest in what computers could do to create games. My dad would later sit with me and show me how to write BASIC computer code to make ASCII characters on the screen move around. I was hooked.

From the moment I first saw the man eat floppy discs in 1982, I’ve been an avid gamer – particularly fantasy role playing games on the computer. For those not familiar with this term, think Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit made into a computer game where you play someone in a new world and get to explore and adventure in it.

I’ve always been drawn to games with this type of theme, but lately, I’ve felt that the genre is lacking in really personable and good content. I keep searching and hoping I find a good fantasy role playing game to play because that’s what I like to do in my leisure time (along with playing basketball). But none have shown the personable qualities that many did in the 1980’s, 1990’s, and very early 2000’s.

And I’m fed up with it. So I’m going to do it myself! If I can’t find anyone who is creating the quality product that I want, I’m going to build it myself. That is my new project I’ve been working on since the first day of this new year. I’m still going strong having worked on it every day and it is now day 56 of the new year. I have a plan to release this game before Christmas.

Tower of Eglathia


The game is Tower of Eglathia. It is based on an ancient and mysterious tower which is part of the book I wrote over a year ago, Eglathia. In it, an adventurer will go through many different levels of the tower, battle creatures, use abilities, become more powerful, and experience the story that goes along with it.

Between this and basketball, I can’t think of much more else that I was born to do. Sure, I get a kick out of helping people and sharing my philosophies. But at the end of the day, I want to contribute something to the world that I’m passionate about and build a sustainable business doing it. This is no small task I know. I’ve been at it 56 days now and see the long road ahead and many hours still required.

It feels different this time than many of my past projects. The hard work remains the same, that is no different. But I feel like I’m finally doing something that is more or less innately a part of me – creating fantasy role playing games that are personable and draw a person in so they feel a part of the adventure that is going on.

There is a lot that will need to come together for this computer game to be successful. In no particular order:

  • Deep, involved, and emotional music
  • Crisp, clear, and realistic sound effects
  • An engaging story that the player feels invested in
  • Good graphics (they don’t have to be spectacular, just good)
  • A bug-free game that works all the way through
  • Interesting ways of playing the main character with skills and talents
  • Release on STEAM and

I’m paying someone to do some of the graphics right now. I’m going to do the same for music. I know many of the components needed here will require expertise beyond what I can provide. I can certainly get a basic game working, but the visual components and music are areas I need help with.

My dream is to work with a talented artist and musical composer full-time and more closely who are as passionate about this product as I am. I hope the Universe, God, or whatever is out there is hearing this call :)

In the end, I’m creating something I truly care about and I think that is what matters most. It is first going to take care of my own need which the marketplace is not satisfying at the moment – a deep and personal fantasy role-playing game with a good story and character that I can develop as they advance in experience.

Who knows, perhaps this will end up being a viable business. I’ll continue to work on it every day and we’ll see just how far I am able to go :)

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3 thoughts on “Tower of Eglathia

  1. How exciting Jeremy! Congrats on being 56+ days in. A lot of times the hardest thing is just getting started. I have a long way to go on my goal of writing an ebook this year, and it’s all my own fault for not being more disciplined about setting aside chunks of time to work on it.

    I used to love games like the original Super Mario and Duck Hunt. I was never any good at fantasy games, although I love the concept. Best of luck with Tower of Eglathia. I think it’s fantastic you are working on a project that you’re completely thrilled about and doing something totally unique! Can’t wait to follow along your progress this year.

    1. Yes, it’s a long grind, but so far so good :) I’ll be putting up a separate website for the game company in the next few months too and start to heavily market it online once I’ve got enough of the game done to start allowing beta downloads :)

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