The Easy Voice Recorder For Android

As an Android mobile phone developer just starting out who is a noob (very new at it), I’ve had the fortune to have some mentoring help from a seasoned Android developer. He’s helped me get started and even Skyped with me to answer some of my questions. I’ve been using one of his apps and wanted to share how impressed I am with it and the many uses I get out of it each day.

Easy Voice Recorder is an application for the Android phone. It makes it easy to talk to your phone and save that recording for future use. As a fellow Android developer, I’ve gotten to know the creator of this application and he’s been very helpful in my journey to create an application that might have some success as he has done. Let me share a few of the great things about it as well as some of my suggestions.

First off, Easy Voice Recorder has over 1 million total installs over its lifetime. That means over 1 million people have downloaded the app to their phone. This tells me people are finding and using this application. As a contrast, my calculator app has only about 170 installs. Easy Voice Recorder also has a 4.4 out of 5 star rating with about 5,400 votes. This tells me people like the app overall. This is enough to tell me that the app is already pretty good. But it’s also an app I use so let me share personally what I use it for, along with some suggestions for the developer.

I use Easy Voice Recorder to dialog with myself in the car on my way to work, record podcasts, and to record my kids who love to talk and play back what they say. This is the value I get out of it. For this to work it has to be simple. A few buttons clicked or a swipe on the phone here or there is all I want to deal with to make this happen. Fortunately, the developer of this application has made this possible. Easy Voice Recorder has two screens – a record screen and a list of recordings screen. See below:

“Recorder Screen”
Easy Voice Recorder
“Player Screen”
Easy Voice Recorder

As you can see, two simple screens with familiar record, stop, and play buttons. In fact, it is so easy that my daughter Ellie (who is 5 years old) made some sounds of her own. Here’s one of her little sound bites about a chocolate fortune cookie:

When you first record a file, it simply gets saved as a new file, such as “My recording #4.wav.” The number there gets incremented by one for each new file. But it’s easy to simply hold your finger down on the file name and rename it if you want. You can also move files around and create folders which is great. This main everyday use for Easy Voice Recorder is the value I get out of it.

What I would change to make the app even better is the following:

  • Make it so you can record new sounds on the “Player” tab (the second screen you see up above). This will make it even more efficient to create sound files, especially for my kids who like to make many at a time.
  • Have the player screen then be the default page of the app. That way I can play or record a sound right away.
  • (For newer versions of the app only): On the “Player” tab, make the up to parent and return home options image icons in a single row that can be tapped instead of taking up whole rows by themselves. Then add a third image icon for create new folder. This will give users who are familiar with using Windows or Mac OS a more familiar way to structure their files in folders.

Even with these few things I’d like to see, Easy Voice Recorder is great and does what it was designed to do – make recording your voice easy. Give the app a try – it is already a hit with well over a million people with Android phones.

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