3 People To Keep In Your Life

There’s 3 people you’ll want to keep in your life if you’re interested in having a variety of perspectives to keep you challenged and on the path of growth. You can think of these 3 people as archetypes – types of people that will keep your life balanced and fresh, all at the same time. Here they are:

The Youngin

Having at least one person a lot younger than you is important to keep fresh ideas and energy in your life. This can be anyone ranging from about 5 to 30 years younger than you, depending on your age right now. At age 36 right now, people who are in the age range of about 18-25 fascinate me – because they didn’t grow up with a lot of the things I did and they have a fresh outlook on life.

Youngins will teach you about things you have never even thought of – music, art, literature, and have a high level of energy and enthusiasm. Be around people like this and feel their energy.

You’ll also have a chance to be a mentor to someone who is young – a teacher. But don’t try and act like their parent. Instead, embrace their energy and enthusiasm and even match it with your own. Build up trust and friendship and then you’ll be able to share your knowledge and wisdom to help them with the challenges in their life.

The Counterpart

The counterpart is someone who is close to your age. They’ve likely grown up with the same things as you and you can dialog back and forth pretty effortlessly about shared experiences. The counterpart is important because you will each be able to relate to each other and share life experiences around events that happened as you were close to each other’s age when they occurred.

The counterpart is like a mirror for you to look into and pitch and catch ideas with. Spend time in dialog and even debate with the counterpart and you’ll experience a great exchange of ideas and shared experiences.

The Mentor

The mentor is someone who is older and more experienced with you. The youngin is there to keep you feeling fresh and energized, but the mentor is there to help you stay grounded. Being grounded is a very good thing – it’ll help keep you under control and centered as the mentor shares extensive life experience with you.

The mentor should be someone who can teach you what they’ve learned and help you see what you cannot see. At lunch today, I met with a mentor and he was able to help me see many things I could not see. Often, a mentor is happy to teach you without asking anything in return.

Having a good balance and mix of these 3 types of people in your life will help you stay energized, focused, and grounded, all necessary for a well rounded life.

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