Always Go For It

Whenever you are faced with a situation where you feel in your gut that you should go for it, or say something that takes a little bit of courage, this is your body basically saying this to you:

“Hey you, here’s an opportunity for you to grow and for your courage muscle to get stronger. And oh, by the way, if you do this, there’s a chance you’ll have some amazing experiences too.”

I felt that this afternoon and it was really interesting. I’m sitting there at work, just working away and my body basically hits me with the notion that I am to say something to someone right now and go for it and that it doesn’t matter what the result of it is – but that the act of doing it will make me grow and take the next step into the person I am meant to.

For a minute, I felt stunned. But then I agreed with what my body was telling me and that this is who I am now – a strong and centered man who goes for what he wants and doesn’t give a hoot about the consequences. A strong man goes for what he wants, leads the interaction, and isn’t afraid of rejection.

I have to say, IT FEELS GOOD! When I was driving to workout with my trainer after work today, I just hoot and hollered in the car with myself and said how awesome it was for me to do something risky and courageous. I absolutely loved it!

What I’ve learned is that rare is the man who walks with an aura of confidence, his chest out high, a smile on his face, willing to tackle any uncertainty in the world, and drive forward his vision, mission, and passion. Do this as a man, and you become a rare breed. It’s one of the lessons and mighty fine realizations I’ve made this year. The real man has options in his life – in all areas :)

So for you, in your life, the path of growth and being able to handle any situation requires you to say or do some things where you may not know what the outcome will be. Always go for it – do not hesitate. Do it anyway, and let the chips fall where they may.

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