Always Look to the Best In Others

I’ve noticed something while being a manager at work with my team of 5. Each person has a set of strengths and weaknesses. Each time I focus on what someone isn’t doing, I begin to act in a way that breeds more of that behavior from them. Each time I focus on their strengths and what they are doing well, more of that begins to occur for them. It’s an uncanny exercise where you almost have the ability to create reality simply by focusing on the good and strengths of other people.

After reading The Four Agreements, I realize even more that people are just giving their best in life for the most part. Whatever is happening with someone, it’s because of their entire life experience, how their brain is processing the present, and what they think they should do right now. When I am able to detach myself from the actions of others, both positive and negative toward me, I begin to see that everyone is doing their best with what they know.

I think back to the last 3 1/2 months both at work and being single and all of the experiences I’ve had. Going out and meeting a ton of people has helped me better understand that everyone has fears, desires, and a way they think things should be for them to be comfortable. It’s such a rare thing that someone does something to you that isn’t favorable and it is because of you personally. It’s not. It’s simply that person not liking the circumstance and changing it.

As a leader at work, my role is to inspire and get the most out of my team members. If I can help them be productive and even be leaders themselves, this is a good thing. To do that, I spend a lot of time talking to each of them individually. There’s a lot of face to face communication. I ask about their personal lives. I listen and see which one’s want to move up in the company. Then I try to allow the opportunity for them to do so. Nothing would make me prouder at work than to have one of my team members leave my team to become a team leader elsewhere in the company. I’d miss them on my team, but celebrate their success and new opportunity.

To see the best in people, focus on what they do well. What is their strength? Then look for opportunities for that strength to shine. For you as a person, be optimistic, have a good attitude, smile, and be encouraging. These are all things that drive people to action toward good and productive things. If you have an ambitious team member, find ways they can lead a project. Have a hard worker who likes to get things done? Give them loads of work, they’ll thank you for it. Just listen and watch those you lead and act accordingly.

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